A Cycle Seven Champion!


Do you recognise either of these cyclists? I don't expect you to recognise 2014 AAA (Audax Altitude Award) champion Martin Malins but perhaps his companion and winner of the Opposite Sex award may look a little familiar. It is, of course, Mary who won this years Audax Altitude Award points championship with a magnificent 137.25 points. I know just how much effort and dedication would be required to amass a total like that – I did a little AAA points chasing myself this year, but my efforts yielded a mere 36 points. 137 points must have required a long hilly ride on Saturday and Sunday on most weekends of the year, invariably alone, and often in bad weather. It is a tremendous achievement. Well done Mary!

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  1. Chris wrote:

    Yes, well done, Mary! (Wherever you are... )

    I still haven't completed an Audax in the last twenty years. One (or more) for 2015, maybe...

  2. Kern wrote:

    Congratulations indeed! I have no idea what 137.25 points represents, but my legs are sore just thinking about it. There must be a small competitive streak in there somewhere to manage that accomplishment. Good news.

  3. Kern wrote:

    Wait a minute – is that a Manx Cat on her jersey??

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Well spotted Hilary. Well done Mary. Can't see whether the cat has a tail though. I would guess not.

    Chris wrote: ... (Wherever you are... )

    She was on Facebook for a while (as Manx Cat Albert) but the account has been deactivated I think.

  5. Kern wrote:

    ... (Wherever you are ...)

    My guess is on a bike somewhere 🙂 ...

  6. Hilary wrote:

    She is still on the Isle of Man. The photos were taken during a 'holiday' she went on bagging AAA points in the Peak District with other current and former AAA champions.

    Kern wrote

    I have no idea what 137.25 points represents, but my legs are sore just thinking about it.

    Basically you get 1 point for every 1000m of climbing but it must be part of a long ride, you can't just keep going up and down the same hill. It is possible to get points for a 50k ride if it is horrendously hilly but generally they are 100k and above. 100k requires a minimum of 1500m ascent to qualify for points (1.5). I'll let someone else do the maths!

  7. Chris wrote:

    Some figures here:


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