A Little Man at Large

James turned three earlier this month. For his birthday last year his main present was a balance bike – a Tiny Bike from a shop in Hull. He now has an Islabikes Cnoc 14. I was sceptical about the claims made by advocates of balance bikes, but within a week of his birthday James was able to ride his newest bike for several hundred metres at a time, as well as turning corners. He is still working on his technique for getting on and off the bike.

James on his cnoc 14

From balance bike to pedalling (not via stabilisers)

We bought the new bike over the telephone. The chap at Isla Bikes was initially wary of selling us the Cnoc 14, saying that James was probably too small for the bike, and when I asked about stabilisers – after being prompted by Mrs B – I was very firmly steered away from them.

Today we were mostly working on braking. And I haven't ran so much in years.

Update to follow...

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  1. Kern wrote:

    Full parenting marks there, Chris. All children need a basic skills suite in life, and being able to ride a bike is right up there in importance. As an added bonus, it sounds like you are getting in a wee workout yourself 🙂 .

  2. Chris wrote:

    Cheers, Kern. James loves his 'big boy bike' and has finally accepted he can't ride it in the house now that it's been outside.

    It's raining this morning, so my sciatica isn't so bad today 😉

  3. Hilary wrote:

    That is an impressive performance for one so young – the balance bike was obviously excellent preparation.
    I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 7 or 8 when I managed to persuade someone to lend me her bike for a week in exchange for the loan of my roller skates!

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Nice photo Chris. Off into the big wide world, or at least a stage on the way.

    We've still got the little red bike rusting away in the garage somewhere, unable to come round to getting rid if it – a Raleigh Bumper circa 1981. It does, or did, have stabilisers but I think you're right.

    Barrow-Bridge-August-1950 Mine, 1950, was a trike (Triang). A fixie with no brakes but had bell.

  5. Chris wrote:

    Yes, the £50 for the balance bike was money well spent. I still haven't got round to learning to rollerskate. Perhaps James will teach me in years to come...

    Nice b&w photo from the archives, Patrick. I notice that although you have since upgraded your bike you still have the same haircut 😉

    I'm hoping it's just a passing phase, but James preferred to have breadsticks on Friday rather than go for a ride on his bike. However, we are in any case thinking of withdrawing his bicycle privileges until James uses his potty for number twos. Tough love, eh? 😮

  6. Patrick wrote:

    James preferred...

    End of.


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