A Sad Tail

Kate wandered a bit too close last Wednesday, just as I was really digging in to catch Titanium Man. All it took was one unfortunate wag of the tail – a hair got caught in the roller, and it dragged her in.

Picture 003

I expect she will be alright. The vet says she may not need an amputation. The kids ask whether she picks up any more channels. Titanium Man, the brute, didn't so much as glance back.

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  1. Chris wrote:

    Poor thing. They don't tell you about that danger in Cycling Active! I hope she's all right, though I see she hasn't learned to stay away from the rollers. Or did her master cruelly drag her there for the ironic image 😉

  2. Patrick wrote:

    LOL – Great photo!

    Titanium Man? It wasn't him who did it.

  3. Keith Edwards wrote:

    I think "The Look" from this female says it all. 😆

  4. Hilary wrote:

    Its a dogs life! Poor Kate, I hope she recovers soon, she looks very sorry for herself.

  5. Mary wrote:

    Poor Kate. Bless her, she looks so embarrassed by it all. Hope she recovers, that would have been painful.

  6. Kim wrote:

    Maybe you should get a skirt guard to protect your poor wee dog... Accidents happen, I hope she recovers soon and doesn't need amputation.

  7. Keith Edwards wrote:

    I think that from "The Look" we can see who she blames and it is not Titanium Man.

  8. Kern wrote:

    Mea culpa. Kate should not have been allowed that close to rapidly moving parts. It's been 4 years since we got the CompuTrainer and this is the first hint of an accident. Hindsight and all that (sort of like bicycle helmets).

    The good news is that the tail is healing well and there's no need for surgery. She now looks like she has a serious case of road rash 🙂 .

  9. Keith Edwards wrote:

    She is so cute and those eyes with the way she looks at you, makes me feel guilty for trying to make fun of her.

    I hope she is recovering and not to traumatised.

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