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Arm warmers are handy things, ideal for those days that start off a bit cool but then warm up. Trouble is they tend to either fall down or dig into the top of your arm. Or at least the ones I've got for a fiver out of the bottom of a rummage bin do! This time I decided no expense would be spared so I went for Assos Arm Protectors.

I only intend to wear these with a thin short sleeved jersey so I didn't want the fleecy Roubaix version. These are described as UV and chill protectors which seemed ideal. I bought a pair of size 1. Out of the packet they had a pleasant silky feel and I was surprised to find they were shaped with a bend at the elbow. They only come in one colour -white. Just don't forget to take them off before cleaning your chain! My other half said they looked like the full length gloves people used to wear with ball gowns....

Out on the bike the fit was spot on, no slipping down or cutting off the circulation. They were extremely comfortable but after a few miles I was beginning to feel a bit warm so off they came. I can't imagine wanting to wear them on a hot day as UV protection, sunblock would seem a better option, but for a little extra warmth they were excellent. If they prove to be long lasting they will be well worth the money. They look seriously flash too!

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    That's a neat purchase. Assos make leg warmers too, small enough to be carried in a pocket. You've reminded me to get some for next winter to wear with bib shorts. I can only find the Roubaix version online, but thankfully they're black, not white. Assos bib shorts are reputedly the best but they didn't suit me when I tried some on. I'll be taking a tub of Assos Creme on our upcoming cycle tour in Denmark. It's the best chamois cream there is.

  2. Garry wrote:

    Lizzie, the family tyrant, who's a triathlete and runner, swears by arm-warmers so they must be great. I've never worn them myself but I may try them.

  3. Mike Smith wrote:

    Have wondered about arm-warmers, but never been sure. Hilary's clear, enthusiastic assessment has started me thinking again though!
    ONly problem – can anyone tell me how they're sized? How do you decide if you're buying online what size to go for – I haven't been able to find any info on the Interweb?
    Love the blog – hope eventual to love the bike the way you guys do!
    Keep up the good work

  4. Hilary wrote:

    Sizing is a bit of a guessing game. Some makes go for the one size fits all approach – ok if you're of 'average' size. Assos come in size 1 (small/medium) and size 2 (large). There is also supposed to be a size 0 but I've not found anyone who stocks them. They're small enough to be able to return quite cheaply if you do order the wrong size – or even order both sizes and see which you prefer.

  5. Mary wrote:

    Hello Hilary, and a warm welcome from 'The Other Woman' 😀

    I use arm warmers at this time of year as well, Assos I must admit have as yet to disappoint me – I have 2 pairs of their shorts and they are brilliant. I've not used their arm warmers before, as I use Specialized ones from our Local Bike Shop. I tend to use them mostly for mountain biking as I do get very hot, then when we stop to rest or wait for others, I get really cold and these things are constantly going on and off at this time of year.

    Great review, I have always wondered about the Asso brand for arm warmers, but like some other comments have shied away due to sizing unknowns.

  6. Mick F wrote:

    Welcome to the blog, Hilary. Sorry, but I've not been very active on here for the past few weeks, so no doubt you'll be posting away whilst I'm being idle!

    I've never ever thought of arm warmers, I tend to use a long sleeved top instead.
    My short sleeved tops are thin and cool, so perhaps the arm warmers are only good if you have SS tops which are warm on the body? If I used arm warmers with my SS tops, I'd still be cold!

  7. Hilary wrote:

    Arm warmers are good for those late spring/early summer days that start cool but then become quite hot. The S/S wouldn't be warm enough on their own in the morning but by mid day L/S would be too hot & pushed uncomfortably up my arms. A removable gilet adds extra warmth to the thin top.

  8. Chris wrote:

    Hello, Hilary, and welcome. Somewhere I have a splendid pair of red arm-warmers from the 90s (although my memory of them is that they were often bunched up around my wrists when my arms got too warm).

    I also have a matching short-sleeved road jersey that I'll probably never fit in to again, but I've kept anyway.

    And there once was a pair of red cycling mitts, but they were stolen from the drying room of a youth hostel in the Lake District. Probably just as well: the ensemble was just a bit too flash for a forty-something bloke with a bit of a pot belly.

  9. Asta Lee wrote:

    Excellent for rides at 32 degrees C. The moisture escape the moment it is generated. Not a bit of heat like the other arm protectors I was wearing. Size is important.

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