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Tools I wish I had bought years ago … #1

I have never regretted buying good tools. I have regretted buying bad tools, and I have also regretted not buying tools. Perhaps I need to explain. Recently I have bought one or two tools that have turned out to be excellent for their purpose. They were quite ordinary, easy to find, not expensive, and I […]

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A chain of events

I used to think that chain repairs were easy; all I needed to carry was a chain tool to extract the odd pin, and a 'quick link' to join the ends together. A few days ago step-daughter Charlotte 'phoned. "I'm half way round Bleasdale and the chain has broken .... " so into the car […]

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Cycling is not merely a hobby

It is very kind of Patrick to allow me to join in with this endeavour, but I'm afraid that my first post ( and very possibly last post ) is to pick a quarrel with him. In his intro to the blog, Patrick refers to cycling as a 'hobby'. I don't like that. Cycling is […]

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