Back in the saddle again

After four weeks out of the saddle I made an almost last-minute decision to get out yesterday. The forecast was promising. Within a mile of our start point we had stopped under some trees to shelter from a heavy rain shower. I had been too tired to put the wheels back on my touring bike the previous night, and scrabbled around in the morning to put together the things I should have got sorted out the night before. So I set off without sunglasses and with my Camelbak bottle still on the drainer. A bit later the batteries would die in my Garmin. And Dave's rear brake cable snapped. Was it going to be one of those days...?


Tibthorpe's Tip Top Bus Stop

Fortunately (?) there was no sunshine early on – so my lack of glasses wasn't really an issue; Sainsbury's Local provided some water; I replaced the batteries in the Garmin a few miles down the road; and – despite promising to be ruthless with my kit – I had a long enough spare brake cable in my rack bag for Dave to sort out his bike at our morning coffee stop.

Reading Room Londesborough

Our morning coffee stop: The Reading Room, Londesborough

We were rained on for most of the morning. I didn't mind; I was glad to be out with 'the lads' for the first time in ages, despite my coughing and spluttering for much of the day. Unusually, our late morning coffee stop was used by all of our little group – as well as more cyclists and others making use of the Reading Rooms at Londesborough. It was my first time there and very pleasant it was too.

Normal service resumed with our packup chaps; for lunch we crouched around in the bus shelter at the top of this post. (For a few moments I was frozen out of the conversation when the others talked about the merits of their free bus passes.) Earlier, I had thought of Hilary when we had a nosy at the two Roberts bikes below. And again when we were in the bus stop. No stoving for us, but as I'd eaten a sandwich, four sausage rolls, two cakes and drank two coffees I wasn't worried about running out of fuel on the way home.


His and Hers Roberts bikes

We turned home in to a headwind, but by now the sun was out and we 'decaped' and twiddled south. There was time to shepherd some ducklings off the road and back in to the little pond they shared with at least three broods of goslings. (Continuing the ornithological theme I had earlier tried and failed to get a good photograph of a red kite we saw circling close to another around our coffee stop.) Nice to get out again.


Friendly locals

6 comments on “Back in the saddle again”

  1. Kern wrote:

    Good ride. Perseverance pays off in the end. But I can't believe you carry a spare brake cable in your kit bag??

    Obviously Roberts makes bikes only in blue 🙂 .

  2. Patrick wrote:

    I've seen Chris's kit bag Kern, and I think he carries a socket set.

    I like the look of The Reading Room. I am hoping to write a "Back in the saddle again" Post of my own in the very near future. Incidentally, we've got visiting ducks in the back garden and they are not friendly! (it's mostly the female that goes into the attack)

  3. Hilary wrote:

    That bus shelter looks like an ideal stoving location Chris – its time you dug out the Trangia! 🙂
    A very fine pair of Roberts – they do come in other colours but obviously the more discerning riders prefer blue! 😀

  4. Chris wrote:

    I've cut right back since this photo was taken a few years ago, Kern. And I did have my spare rear brake cable, but I had left my spare rear derailleur cable back at home 😯


    I hope you are actually back in the saddle, Patrick. If not it's been an awfully long time.

    The only trouble with brewing up at the roadside is that the others would take a dim view of it, I reckon. They often avoid cafes in part because they don't want to hang about for too long. I've picked up some sort of bug again, BTW. Another lost weekend with no cycling 🙁

  5. Jim wrote:

    I've not been out with the club for months. Though I have been out on my local runs. Everything seems to get in the way. The weather is a biggy but the many family committments on a Sunday also tend to occupy me. I note that most of the regulars at the club tend to be single people. I should go out tomorrow as the weather is looking good but then again it's Father's day and I'm expected to put in an appearance.
    On the subject of breakdowns I was out a few miles from home when my pedal decided it did not want to stay with me any longer. I thought "oh well I can ride back a few mile" one legged as I was clipped in. I turned up a track but it was knee deep in mud. So went another way and my rear mech decided to jump up into the wheel. I upended the bike to sort it out and found myself in dog poo. Argghhh. I then decided time to ring home for a pickup. No chance! My wife decides she's not taking calls today. Or it's so buried in her handbag she would never hear it. So it's a cursing, sweating push home. Trouble is my route is through the park that is holding the music festival and I have to try to wheel the b... bike through thousands of young beer swigging festival goers. The last few miles were memories of my youth as I relearned the art of scooting a bike along pavements.
    Oh well. Happy days. I thinking of taking up rambling.

  6. Chris wrote:

    Jim wrote: Argghhh


    I got out again – and with the club – last weekend. This morning I'm still in my dressing gown having picked up a severe case of man flu (again). It has also been tipping it down, so I might not have gone out anyway. Sniff...

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