Choosing the next small-wheel vehicle

quick_release_front_wheelJust before Christmas I was given a folding bike. One of my reasons for getting the Dahon Piccolo was so that I could take it on a train to somewhere on the Yorkshire Coast Line and do one or two short cycle rides. The idea was that I could get to places a bit too far to reach on a day ride, such as Hunmanby north of Bridlington, but that provide scenic loops once you get there.

Well, the weather put the kibosh on those plans, and I haven't even ridden the Dahon yet. Maybe the week after next. Oh, and yet another series of events has meant that any plans I had for cycling during the Easter holidays will have to be put on hold. And yet these events have forced me to start looking at another range of small-wheel vehicles, doing more research outside my comfort zone.

Can you guess what it is yet...?

April 27th is the date we have been given for the arrival of baby Bailey (our first). We don't know whether it is a boy or a girl. And we haven't got a name yet. I really should be glossing the nursery door instead of writing this, but I thought I'd mention it now so as to explain why I might not be able to make day or weekend rides later this year. Plus I took that photograph in Mothercare yesterday and I wanted to squeeze it in somehow, somewhere in a post.

Quick-release pram wheels, eh? Whatever next?

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    I guessed straight away. Well done! (to both of you, or is it all three?) I would recommend full suspension and the biggest wheels you can find, even if you have to sell your Dahon to pay for it.

    Sandra says: "Congratulations!" too.

  2. Mary wrote:

    Congratulations Chris and Mrs Chris!

    What you will both soon need is one of these:

    Wishing your parenting years all the very best! They were indeed the highlight of my life when my girls came along I consider myself and my hubby blessed indeed! 🙂

  3. Kern wrote:

    Yes, major congratulations are in order. Looking back (now) over the parenting years I can say they were bliss. At the time, however ...

  4. Mike wrote:

    Congratulations Chris! And don't believe what the sceptics say – its only the first 30 years that are really tough!

  5. Chris wrote:

    Thanks for the suggestions, and the congratulations. None of the kit for baby Bailey is going to be cheap (you could get a very nice groupset for the price of some of the prams – or "travel systems" that we've looked at).

    The Burley stuff looks interesting. Again a pricey range, with further accessories to buy. But I do like the idea of being able to convert the D'Lite to a jogger with the addition of another bit of kit. Most of the buggy-type things I've looked come with warnings that you shouldn't run (or skate!) with the thing – even models called 'Dash' or 'Sport'. That reminds me of the days when ATBs first came out. I looked at a label on one 'All Terrain Bike' and it carried the disclaimer "Not to be taken off-road" 😕

    I suppose I could eventually use a Burley D'Lite as a trailer – Mick F style – for camping stuff etc at a later date. Hmm...

  6. Hilary wrote:

    Yes, congratulations Chris.

    Josie Dew has some interesting pictures of carrying babies on bikes.

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