Cycling Cork to Westport August 2010

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We then had a bit of a traipse from the pass to Westport.
We stayed with Tom Tracey and Shonagh for three days, cycled to Athenry and got a roundabout train back to Cork.

This was not a difficult tour. Connemara is mountainous but the roads are not challenging as they are mostly in the valleys. In nice weather it is gorgeous. In poor weather it is awful.

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9 comments on “Cycling Cork to Westport August 2010”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    Nice report Garry. I enjoyed the read and the photos. Stunning scenery as usual. We must go to Ireland one day.

    The Irish economy is front page news in the UK. I hope they sort it out soon. Like elsewhere, too much public expenditure.

  2. Chris wrote:

    Wow! Really dramatic photographs, Garry. (Do you get bored of reading that sort of comment?) The later ones look both beautiful and bleak at the same time.

    I always imagined that I would cycle to my cousin's house in Bristol and stay there for a bit. I never did, and I probably never will now. I think it must give a rather warm feeling to have part of your family cycle so many miles to your home.

  3. Garry Lee wrote:

    Not dramatic photos, Chris. Dramatic scenery. Parts of the West of Ireland are like the West of Scotland, pretty impressive. Scotland has bigger scenery, Ireland, being further south has better colour! England has of course stunning places like Yorkshire, the Peak District and the Lake District as well as fabulous towns like Durham etc.

  4. Hilary wrote:

    Those photos of Sheffrey Pass look stunning. As you say, very like the west of Scotland – I'd have been sure that was Scotland! I've been meaning to cycle in Ireland since I went on a family holiday in 1975! Must get there one day.

  5. Patrick wrote:

    Let's not forget Wales. The Welsh landscape is outstanding. Something else that distinguishes Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales (and the Isle of Man as part of the British Isles) is the buildings dotted over the countryside. They are different in each country and add character. I haven't seen many painted as colourfully as the Irish ones!

  6. Kern wrote:

    Ah, Garry, memories, memories ... I'm particularly tickled that you took the shortcut! Mary and I definitely cast our vote for Ireland as one of the best places to cycle, based on our tour this spring. Excellent.

  7. Garry Lee wrote:

    I took this shortcut for the first time about 8 years ago. It's a nice ride as well!

  8. Nicole Broderick wrote:

    I want to do this tour very much, as my ancestors come from this area (you've mentioned Dáithí Ó'Bruadair in this post). I actually found this while searching for more information on my ancestors (unrelated to a cycling search, but what a serendipitous world this is – as I am very big on cycling, do it almost every day!) I heard Ireland was a good place to cycle, I have wondered if I could cycle the area my ancestors came from. This would be the ultimate experience for me! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Kern wrote:

    Hi Nicole. My wife and I did this tour in 2010 (with good advice from Garry). In my humble opinion, you can't go wrong with this ride – it was one of the most enjoyable tours we have done. Go for it!

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