Cycling Bliss

The great weather continues and this is to be my last post for a couple of weeks as I'm going to Andalusia where we have an apartment. The weather there is unusually wet.
The usual suspects cycled up the hill to Waterfall and Goggin's Hill, west from Bishopstown and then dropped down the steep hill to Killeady. On a couple of miles to Crossbarry and then south to the Main Bandon Road, dropping down to the lovely village of Innishannon. Leave the village, cross the bridge and turn left to follow the River Bandon as it winds towards the sea.

From across the bridge I took these photos.



We followed the river past the tiny village of Kilmacsimon where I shot this from the quay, looking South along the Bandon


Then the lovely winding road climbs and drop to Ballinadee (Baile na Daibhche = the town of the horsetrough!)



then more climbing until we were above the beginning of the estuary of the Bandon where I shot this...


Then down to Ballinspittle, Baile an Spidéal (the town of the hospital, long gone I can tell you!), more climbing and on to Kinsale where we had great sandwiches and coffee in the unprepossessing Mother Hubbard's.



There's a bite gone out of that sandwich!

7 comments on “Cycling Bliss”

  1. Mary wrote:

    That has gotta be the most colourful tea room ever!

    Enjoyed your post as always Garry, enjoy Andalusia. I love their horses! Hope all the snow has left the place by the time you go.

  2. Chris wrote:

    'Panoramic' photographs, like your estuary shot, are particularly effective viewed when cropped and online, aren't they? Must try editing suitable photographs that I take on my next short break in the Yorkshire Dales. Your last photograph is quite a meat feast!

  3. Garry Lee wrote:

    I agree. Two tricks I use from time to time to rescue a boring landscape is to crop it like that, and, if the sky is too pale add a border with photoshop. It's the only thing I use photoshop for. Otherwise I use Aperture etc. I switched to the Mac about 2 years ago, and although there are a few things that the PC is better for, I prefer the Mac all told. The one thing that the Mac doesn't have is a proper version of Microsoft Word. They disabled the macro function in it. You can use OpenOffice and it's good, but SSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Garry wrote: ... if the sky is too pale add a border with photoshop ...

    Better still, add a darker sky from another photograph. I love Photoshop and use it daily. It's expensive but superb. I haven't used Photoshop Elements (only about £50) but have read that it does 80% of what Photoshop does, so I'd use that if I didn't have access to the CS version.

  5. Garry Lee wrote:

    I've done it, but but but... it's cheating!!

  6. Patrick wrote:

    Do you think so? I'm not so sure. It's all graphic arts, is the way I look at it. There's hardly a great photographer that didn't cheat a bit. I love Bill Brandt's photography and he's a real cheat! Henri Cartier-Bresson staged managed many of his famous definitive moment photos. Selecting one picture from a burst is cheating. Flash photography is cheating... and so it goes on. The end result is all that matters.

  7. Garry Lee wrote:

    I'm joking of course! I do clone things in and out of photos, but not very much as I'm lazy about such things. The main manipulation I do is to contrast sharpness vibrancy and saturation. I like photos to look like scanned Velvia slides in some circumstances. The images have real "punch"

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