Cycling in Corkwall

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My friend Mick has gone to London for a fortnight so today I decided to do some exploration on my own, rather than going out with another friend. What I love about being on my own is that I can stop when I want, as often as I want and feel no pressure. I love stopping to take photos, looking at views, talking to a farmer and so on.
I've cycled in Cornwall and Devon three times and god, they're hilly. Cork is also a very hilly county but on the biggish roads, not very hilly. However, these are surrounded by a huge network of more hilly roads and around Cork City there are loads of such roads.
Off I went, out the Bandon Road for a mile or two, and before the Chetwynd viaduct I went uphill to the left.

This is my bike with in the background, the viaduct.

The Viaduct, as it is simply called in Cork. Not used since about 1960

This road climbs sharply around a bend with a 15% gradient...

...and then eases out a little until it reaches Spur Hill. I turned right and continued to climb to the top of this, in all, about 500ft of climbing.

I continue for a mile or two, down and up again, until I am above Ballinhassig.

This is a big house, a relic of the Celtic Tiger. Good views here.

At the top of Ballinhassig hill there's a pretty old gate lodge with daffodils.

Ballinhassig Hill is a killer, maxing at 17-20%, but I'm going down! I often go up it for hill training.

I crossed the main road at the bottom and cycle the helter-skelter road to Ballymartle.

This is the start of Ballymartle Hill. This is really hard and I have to use my second lowest gear on my Rohloff hub. Maxes at about 20%.

Ballymartle Hill is in the line of trees in the middle of the picture.

View on the way up Ballymartle Hill.

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6 comments on “Cycling in Corkwall”

  1. Kern wrote:

    Memories, memories ...

  2. Patrick wrote:

    Well Kern, when you've made your fortune you'll be able to buy a nice little holiday cottage on the Emerald Isle. Probably a good investment while the Celtic Tiger is sleeping. Lovely cycling country Garry, and how nice to bump into your wife on the way round!

  3. Kern wrote:

    Patrick wrote: ... when you've made your fortune...

    🙄 Mary tells me I'm going to work 'til the day I die – I believe her.

  4. Garry Lee wrote:

    Marys tend to be cross!!

  5. Chris wrote:

    Lovely set of photographs. Spring is surely here (or there?). The helter skelter road is just begging to be ridden, isn't it?

  6. Garry wrote:

    It is if you like twirling in really low gears. I wouldn't do it in racing gears! But that's what really low gears are for.
    It also has ingredient X. It's VERY quiet.

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