Cycling in Corkwall

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I continued on this backroad to Kinsale until on a descent, I see a road going to the left, which I have never cycled. It climbs (again) quite a lot.

Up I go, more good views until the road descends to between Riverstick and Belgooly on the main Cork Kinsale Road.

This is a beautiful tree-lined road, busy when it's busy, but quiet today. I seldom cycle it. I love the spin into Belgooly.
Belgooly is Béal Guala which means the entrance to a pass. The pass runs along the river.

I reach Belgooly Creek...

Keith Floyd owned that house for years. He used to have legendary parties there.

Chateau Floyd

I take the road to Ringinane Golf course, one of two courses making up Kinsale Golf Club. My wife is a member and is playing there as I'm cycling. I don't play golf, but I love watching it on TV.
Ringinane is a 9-holer and their other course, in Farrangalway is a very long 18-holer.

Ringinane has a fabulous location.

I see Mary putting her clubs in her car and say from behind her... "how's your preparation for widowhood going then?"
She turns and laughs. Her mother told her to take up golf to prepare for widowhood, some years ago. My father died at 96 and my mother at 91, so she may not be that lucky!

I cycle back to the bridge across the creek and eat a slice of fruit-cake I've brought with me and drink a flask of coffee.

I return on the Kinsale Road via Belgooly and Riverstick to Fivemilebridge. Here I have the longest hill of the day to tackle. It climbs, maxing at 17%, to the back of Cork Airport.

As I approach the city, there is one of the great views, Cork below me. Cork is surrounded by hills.

The big white building on the left is Cork University Hospital. Though I'm retired, I was persuaded to work there half-time, in November and I work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. That leaves Tues. and Thursday and all weekend for cycling!!

I arrived home, having been cycling in Cornwall all day, 34 miles, endless hills, great fun and a whopping average speed of 9mph.
My pals will not do these routes with me but they are what I most enjoy.

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6 comments on “Cycling in Corkwall”

  1. Kern wrote:

    Memories, memories ...

  2. Patrick wrote:

    Well Kern, when you've made your fortune you'll be able to buy a nice little holiday cottage on the Emerald Isle. Probably a good investment while the Celtic Tiger is sleeping. Lovely cycling country Garry, and how nice to bump into your wife on the way round!

  3. Kern wrote:

    Patrick wrote: ... when you've made your fortune...

    🙄 Mary tells me I'm going to work 'til the day I die – I believe her.

  4. Garry Lee wrote:

    Marys tend to be cross!!

  5. Chris wrote:

    Lovely set of photographs. Spring is surely here (or there?). The helter skelter road is just begging to be ridden, isn't it?

  6. Garry wrote:

    It is if you like twirling in really low gears. I wouldn't do it in racing gears! But that's what really low gears are for.
    It also has ingredient X. It's VERY quiet.

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