Cycling plans for 2011


Cycle touring in Denmark, 2010 (Germany across the water)

It's already nearly one third of the way from the winter solstice to the summer solstice and Mrs Taylor reminded me that we need to get on and plan our cycling tour of Holland in May. She's the one who'll decide which places we visit, so she was really reminding herself (or reminding me to remind her). She's right though. Days getting lighter, plans to be firmed, things to be booked.

Our ferry tickets are actually booked – Hull to Rotterdam, like last year's cycling tour of Holland. Sandra dislocated a bone in her shoulder four days into the trip, when she rode her bike into a bollard in the middle of a cycle path and fell down sideways, rupturing a ligament which sprung a joint – or something. Her shoulder bone was visibly lifted upwards but I've never quite understood what the damage was. She had a full-blown operation to repair it when we got home.


Sandra on the Afsluitdijk about 25 miles after her crash

The Afsluitdijk is a cross-sea causeway about 20 miles long and cycling across it was supposed to be a highlight. With Sandra's shoulder injury it turned out to be a miserable grind into a stiff headwind; for that and several other reasons, Holland is unfinished business so we'll go there again in the spring instead of Denmark as we originally planned.

And a cycle tour of Germany in September. Where in Germany? No idea. We'll probably drive to Düsseldorf and catch a train south from there to somewhere nice for cycling. This needs thinking about quite soon. A three day anti-clockwise tour of West Yorkshire some time in June, a long weekend's cycling in Dorset early August... away days in between... the main thing is she's back on two wheels even if it still hurts a bit.

First up, after the clocks go forward: cycling in Snowdonia in April. Before that a ride in the Wolds with Chris, weather permitting. 2011 is brightening up at last.

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  1. Alan wrote:

    Gosh, already a third of the way beween solstices. Spring equinox is merely a month away. Time flies.

    All the best to Mrs Taylor. Mind those bollards.

    Your list omitted a clockwise tour of Yorkshire in July. Or is it a state secret?

  2. Chris wrote:

    With the impending arrival of Baby Bailey I've got to limit my cycling to select day-rides, but with a few others sprinkled between them, I hope:

    Next week 80-mile Yorkshire Wolds loop (includes getting there and back)
    March 6th 70 in 6
    April 17th (too close to 27th April ETA for BB?) 103 in 8.5
    May 22nd (too soon after ETA for BB?) 200km Audax from the Humber Bridge
    June? 140-mile Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route
    July time... The inaugural Secret Cycle Seven Go Mad in Yorkshire Cycle Ride (with *gasp* overnight stay).

    Glad that Sandra has not been put off and is on the mend.

  3. Patrick wrote:

    Some big ones there Chris. Secret Seven?

    Alan wrote: Or is it a state secret?


    Perhaps the title should have been: 'Cycling tour plans.' Our Yorkshire ride is a big event but is a one-day outing so doesn't count as a tour. To me at least. I think of a tour as multi-day. But then a 'tour of the factory' is not multi-day. Hmmm.

    Anyway yes, a day ride in West Yorkshire and also some day rides in the Peak District – the aim here is to put the bikes on the train to Derbyshire but I've no experience of taking bicycles on British trains. I've read they only allow 2 and you can't book ahead, which means we could get stuck in Derbyshire for the night.

  4. Alan wrote:

    I was forgetting: it's a tour for me, but a day ride for you.

  5. Patrick wrote:

    Let's call it a tour. L.G. Fothergill did, and I've yet to prove it's a one-day outing.

  6. Kern wrote:

    Patrick wrote: Where in Germany?

    Our first tour was Germany along the Rhine bikepath. Starting from Cologne and heading south was marvelous, especially the section from Koblenz to Mainz. There are lots of castles, plus the Rheingau region for wines. If you go there plan a stop at the old monastery outside Eltville (Eberbach) – it is the site of the German wine institute and its products are fabulous. There is also a summer-long fireworks festival that is hosted in different villages on weekends.

  7. Mary wrote:

    So very pleased that Sandra is well and truly on the mend. I love the planning of a cycle tour so can fully understand why she is getting all 'itchy' and wanting to get it done.

    To me, a tour is any cycle ride that involves luggage other than a day bag with waterproofs and a banana! I am introducing Tina to the joys of it as well this summer... one of my aims is to try to encourage her to 'pack light' 🙂 But she willl soon learn the importance of this.

    Our summer:

    Cycling Way of the Roses at Easter, doing the route there and back in 4 days in a circle, so we are not simply doubling back.

    We have both entered the Etape Caledonia in Scotland, but 'shudder' d r i v i n g there, cos its a long way and we only have a couple of days for this.

    Cycling the Lakes, as we are doing the Fred Whitton Challenge route (not the sportive itsself), and seeing Beatrix Potter country (going to Hill Top etc, staying at Wordsworths village of Hawkshead).

    Then I am coming over to do the Magnificent Seven Grand Day Out. 🙂 Cant wait for this one.

    The final tour, is the very next weekend, and it starts from Land's End you know where Im going then!

    The winter is my time for planning ahead, I even have a tour planned for next summer, when I cut my teeth for the first time, cycling in Scotland – cycling from home to Balmoral Castle to go pony trekking!

    Then, BIG EVENT...... in 2013, I am 50 years of age.

    So, my BIG tour is the entire coast of Scotland taking a month off and a bit from work for this baby. Doing all my own planning, booking of Youth Hostels etc, all my family are from Scotland, so doing a bit of visiting, having family join me for the odd day, cycling Arran, Mull and Skye (Chas and I honeymooned on Mull). No tan in 2013!

    Cycling eh... addictive or what.

  8. Patrick wrote:

    Some fine trips there Mary. I can imagine the fun in planning cycle tours but it doesn't come naturally to me. I'd rather hand the job to someone else. As long as we do a decent mileage I'm happy. I enjoy doing the writeups, choosing photos and so on. It's the diarist instinct I think. Sandra has never read this blog. Perhaps she will some time in the future.

    BicycleGermany looks a good place to start (for touring Germany).

  9. Kern wrote:

    Mary loves a plan. She's not happy without a plan. She's not happy right now because we have not decided on a bike ride this year – last year this time we had Ireland to focus on. We need a plan, but it has to fit within our means as well as my professional commitments which are up in the air. Grumble.

  10. Garry wrote:

    Sounds like Mrs. T. had a sprung acromioclavicular joint. Common enough in rugby players etc.
    I've been in Germany numerous times. I've done the Romantische Strasse (Wurzburg to Fussen) twice, the Mosel three times, Koblenz to Mainz, the Neckar to Stuttgart, the Lahntal, Berlin to Copenhagen, the Nahe Valley, Bavaria, from Lake Constance to Berchtesgaten and maybe some others I can't remember!
    Pluses. Great cycling facilities, great food (I love it), good beer, great white wine, fantastic breakfasts, not expensive.
    Minuses. In general not as scenic as France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Scenic England, but some of it is terrific. Trains are great for bikes (not intercity expresses).

    Here's a nice tour.
    Fly to Hahn with Ryanair.
    Cycle to Trier on the Mosel and then cycle the Mosel to Koblenz. Be sure to visit Burg Eltz.
    Then up the river a bit and then cycle the Lahn to Bad Kreuznach, visiting Limburg, Westlar, Marburg, Nassau. Then get train back to Rhine, cycle Rhine gorge via Bacharach to Bingen. From Bingen follow Nahe valley route back to Hahn.
    I've done this twice. It's great.

  11. Patrick wrote:

    Garry wrote: Here's a nice tour.

    Thanks Garry. I'll pass that on to the tour planner, Mrs T. The surgeon did mention rugby players.

  12. Patrick wrote:

    All set for Holland and treacherous bollards (later in May).

    DAY 1: Europoort to Gouda, 35.1 miles, B&B 2 nights

    DAY 3: Gouda to Utrecht, 31.8 miles, B&B 2 nights

    DAY 5: Utrecht to Amsterdam, 27.6 miles, campsite 2 nights

    DAY 7: Amsterdam to Enkhuizen, 38.5 miles, campsite 1 night

    DAY 8: Enkhuizen to Kampen, 42.5 miles, B&B 1 night

    DAY 9: Kampen to Stavoren, 58.0 miles, campsite 1 night

    DAY 10: Stavoren to Alkmaar via ferry, 27 miles, campsite 2 nights

    DAY 12: Alkmaar to Haarlem, 27.3 miles, campsite 1 night

    DAY 13: Haarlem to Leiden, 30.3 miles, B&B 1 night

    DAY 14: Leiden to Europoort, 37.5 miles

    The plan is to spend 2 days in some of the places, and cycle day trips with more time to see things than last year's trip. More camping too.

  13. Patrick wrote:

    Patrick wrote: a cycle tour of Germany in September ... A three day anti-clockwise tour of West Yorkshire some time in June, a long weekend's cycling in Dorset early August ...

    The Germany tour fell by the wayside for this year (instead, going to the Loire valley in October and now thinking of Spring 2012 for Germany). Not doing the three day Yorkshire trip either but the Dorset one is all systems go: (i) cycling from St Leonard's through the New Forest to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight for (ii) a Sustrans tour of the island, then (iii) back via Yarmouth to St Leonard's.

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