Dan's Sing Around Iceland cycle tour – Halfway through the Tour

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The Honours List

There are so many people who deserve a mention on this page. So many have been supportive, helpful, positive, generous, or just recognised a like-minded bonkersite and wanted to see what he was like in real life – thank you all. Here though is my tribute to some of you – and if I've missed someone (or worse, got their name wrong), let me know; I've been cycling round Iceland for a month and I'm a little tired!

Lilja, Minna, Auður and Óskar in Akureyri

Lilja, Minna, Auður and Óskar in Akureyri

The future of iceland 😀

THANK YOU: In the North and Northwest; My new best friends Auður Jónasdóttir and Óskar Þór Vilhjálmsson*, Lilja and Minna, and the University of Akureyri; Hjördis, Fjóla Björk Jónsdóttir, the staff at Amtsbókasafnið (Akureyri Library), and Ágúst Ólafsson from RÚV – thank you for tracking me down! Anna in Hofsós, Ann Hadje and Matti Svanur Aðalönd in Blönduós; Sigrun, Fía, Ellinor and Veronica at Ferðaþjónustan Dæli in Viðidal (Icelandic Farm Holidays); Sigurður Atlason of the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft (Höfðagata 8, Hólmavík), The Sorcerer's Cottage and The Icelandic Folklore Centre – thank you for your good company, your Hákarl and Reykfiskur, your good food, your support and the use of your computer! Blessaður og sæll!

Disa and Fjöla Björk, plus random busker

Dísa and Fjóla Björk, plus random busker

I always like to appear in all my pictures, you know

Would you trust these girls to run your business?

Would you trust these girls to run your business?

– I would. Ellinor, Veronica and Sofia at Dæli – what a wonderful place to stay, and for so many reasons.

In the Westfjords: Ester Rút Unnsteinsdóttir of the Melrakkasetur Islands (Arctic Fox Centre, Suðavík), for good company, support and excellent home cooking; Aðalstein, Gisli and the seven cyclists of the Apocalypse (the bikers who passed me, greeted me and then bought me dinner at Reykjanes Hotel in Westfirðir – thank you also to the staff there!); Jón from Sterna Bus Services (a top bloke doing a fourteen-hour day´s driving to Látrabjarg from Isafjörður and back) and the staff at the excellent Isafjörður Tourist Information Centre; Birna Mjöll Atladóttir and everyone at the Breiðavik Hotel at Látrabjarg (thank you for the tea light holder!), Sigríður Hafliðadóttir at the Litlibær museum, Hvitanes, Skötufjörður; Gróa Maria Böðvarsdóttir in Isafjörður; Helga Svandis Helgadóttir and Finnbogi Bjarnason in Bolungarvik; and Friðrun and Mummi, Guðrun Guðmundardottir and Guðmundur in Reykholar. Great people all, thank you!

Guðrun, Guðmundur, Friðrun and Mummi in Reykholar.

Guðrun, Guðmundur, Friðrun and Mummi in Reykhólar

What a wonderful bunch. Soul-uplifting, life-affirming, wonderful people.

In Snæfellsnes and the West: Dora, Þórun and Karitas at Skriðuland in Dalir, which I will be strongly able to recommend to anyone wanting a bed for the night even before they've finished building it 😀 ; Freyja, Brá and Olefur at Leifsbuð, Buðurdalur Tourist Information and Cafe for your friendliness and the use of your computer; Hákon Þór Sindrason of the excellent guide to Icelandic culture and hot spots, http://www.visitorsguide.is/ and Gudrun Ingolfsdottir, who provided a boost when most needed.Thanks! 😀 – and Þormóður Símonarson, Símon Sigurmonsson and Svava Svandís Guðmundsdóttir of Langiholt golf course and guest house for an excellent breakfast and some useful travel tips.

And, of course, ALL the Kvennakor Kopavogs and their families for their warm wishes, enthusiasm, affection and practical help – but in particular Sigga Tryggvadóttir and Héðinn Sveinbjörnsson; Julie Tolley and Rosa Gunnarsdottir for bringing the two choirs together in the first place; Kristín Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir and the multi-talented Monsieur Julian Hewlett; Gróa Maria Þorvaldsdóttir, Pálína Sif Gunnarsdóttir; and for services above and beyond the call of duty, the tireless Krista Jónsdottir, Guðrún Ósk Sæmundsdóttir, Gunnhildur Gisladóttir, Sigurður Karlsson, Jökull Sigurðarsson and Lara Sigurðarsdóttir, without whom I wouldn't have had a wheel to stand on and the trip would not have happened. I hope you know you are the reason I wanted to come here! ;-D

A mountain, yesterday.

They've got a few of these. I'm sure they wouldn't miss a couple. A mountain, yesterday. Bolungarvik

Thank you for reading! I hope to update this blog again during my trip though I can't say when – hopefully in the East Fjords and again in the South, and once I've finished to say thank you to everyone who's helped! If anyone is interested in supporting me, offering a bed for the night, or wanting me to sing for them, the links are www.justgiving.com/danielhutton

If you've any questions about my trip or want to find out more – or you've heard me singing and you can help recommend me to others! – please contact me through my site, www.singaroundiceland.com. Happy reading, and happy cycling! Bye for now.

*Don't worry – if you're one of my old best friends, you're still my best friends too 😀 *

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8 comments on “Dan's Sing Around Iceland cycle tour – Halfway through the Tour”

  1. Mary wrote:

    Dan, you are a star! I do think though that the wee ride around Yorkshire has helped get you up some of those inclines Sir...

  2. Sigga Tryggva wrote:

    Hi Dan, great blog and beautiful pictures! Be safe!

  3. Patrick wrote:

    Dan wrote: This is hardcore.

    The whole thing looks hardcore. You seem to be cycling in a wilderness, until page 3 and humans (lovely). I like Groa's summerhouse – I could stay there I think. The rest of it looks tough, and gorgeous. The pics are stunning. I'm pleased it's going well and the weather good so far. The UK has been very wet – howling winds and driving rain at this very moment. Something to look forward to when you get back LOL.

    Have a great Part 2. I'll get my map of Iceland out again.

  4. Chris wrote:

    Looks like you're having a wonderful adventure, Dan. That's quite a load you're lugging, but I must ask: have you room for that rucksack of yours on your back???

  5. vanessa wrote:

    Dude..........What can I say. I should have been reading this earlier, It's absolutely amazing. The scenery looks stunning and the chance to be out in it alone with just your thoughts must be an experience, if not a little lonely. Keep pushing strong man, you are an inspiration

  6. Hilary wrote:

    Looks like a wonderful trip. Stunning scenery (great photos), blue skies that we haven't seen in the UK for ages and you've also met lots of nice friendly people. Your photo of camping below the waterfall looks amazing.

  7. Rache wrote:

    Some stunning photos Sir. Congrats on getting to the halfway point in your journey!!! With regards to the FB comment you made on the kayak story from last year... You underestimate the magnitute of your achievement. Anyone can get stuck out at sea ha ha ha. What you are undertaking is bloody amazing. You should be very proud of yourself. Enjoy Part2 and more photos please =) You rock x

  8. Gary wrote:

    Anyone know what cycling across Iceland, from Reykjavik to Seyðisfjørður is like during October?

    In the comments above, Rache makes reference to a kayaking story from 2010. Got a link to that, please?

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