Day tour of Muntervary (Sheep's Head) peninsula, in better times

The lingering vile weather prompts me to describe a trip we did in August last. Mick Lehane (a sunny and very witty optimist) and Donie O'Keeffe (our group pessimist, who has elevated pessimism to the level of an Olympic Sport) drov

2 comments on “Day tour of Muntervary (Sheep's Head) peninsula, in better times”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    Better times are here today in the North West of England. A pleasant 30-miler for me this afternoon. Quite cold (1 degree) but nice – hardly any ice, and no wind. If it wasn't getting dark I'd go again.

    That's lovely cycling country you have there, and close to the sea. The young girl does look very 'Irish' in a stereotypical sort of way. Years ago in a magazine there was a feature in which they'd overlaid lots of photos of women's faces to blend into an average 'look', separately for England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland (I'm not sure if it was actually the Republic of Ireland or the island of 'Ireland'). This was to compare typical women's faces for each. They all looked different, and one thing I remember is that I preferred the 'Irish' face to the others.

  2. Garry Lee wrote:

    Faraway faces are Green!
    The peninsulas are great for cycling, though the road surfaces here are not perfect. The finest is the middle peninsula, Beara. It's just scenically magnificent, but some of the hills are hard.
    I went out myself in 1C today, but with a biting northerly wind. I was dressed like a Michelin Man!