Gear Up Off-the-Wall 2-Bike Horizontal Bike Rack review

In the place I store my bikes I am tight for space. I bought a cheap hoist from LiDL (a false economy as it turned out I couldn't use it in such a small place) and, via Amazon, a Gear Up Off-the-Wall 2-Bike Horizontal Bike Rack after doing some research on the most useful way to store two bikes side by side. This is a brief review.


A 2-bike horizontal bike rack. Two bikes are a tight squeeze.


Put your bikes side by side on the ground and offer up the wall rack before drawing a vertical line further up the wall.


Space, possibly too much space, for a helmet, panniers etc on the shelf.


Two bikes are a squeeze, but I put the bike on the outer hangers and use it as a makeshift bike stand instead.

The centre to centre measurement of the two sets of hangers is 5 inches, or slightly less than 13cm, too tight when one of my bikes has a pannier rack as the other bike's handlebars are in the way. I think the shelf is unnecessarily large, at the expense of the space afforded between the hangers. Even when storing bikes without pannier racks I think it would be advisable to protect the bike nearest the wall bracket with some sort of padding.

So, I'm not sure whether the two-bike model was worth the extra money over the single bike version, but it does at least allow me to hang my road bike on the outer hangers and use the wall rack as a bike stand, albeit a fairly limited one.

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    I'd like some wall brackets in my garage, to store the mountain bikes at least. The only problem is actually getting in.


    I've lost count of the number of bikes in our household. It's well into double figures and there are also four road bikes always stored in the house. So I really need a proper bike storage solution with them all either in the garage or a new bike shed.

    I agree – the Gear Up rack does look as if the 2 bikes would be too close. The collapsible feature seems useful though.

  2. Mary wrote:

    I agree with you Patrick. NO garage space for my bikes, so I went out and purchased a large wooden shed and house my bikes in there. 🙂 Even got carpet on the floor for them!

    I have been thinking of a wall mount for the shed to shift some of the bikes belonging to the children that are now never ridden, off the floor, but I do agree that the wall mounted one reviewed here by Chris is too close for 2 machines to sit comfortably together, its a pity the makers didnt think of giving more room for cycles for which the device is designed for, rather than a shelf for your helmet which can hang off the bicycle anyway.

    Is there a solution out there? Can anyone recommend a good space saver for cycles, and one that thinks of the cycle first?

  3. Patrick wrote:

    I see that Chain Reaction Cycles sell what they call a 'Sports Solutions Off-the-Wall 2-Bike Horizontal Rack' which looks identical to Chris's Gear Up rack. Looking at the photo, maybe you can shuffle the bikes along past each other so they sit together with the saddles behind the bars. This is more or less what I did to load two bikes on our car rack, but I had to remove one pedal off each bike.

    We have both a strap-on car rack and the towbar version, both from Pendle racks. A solution: I could probably fix the strap-on car rack to the wall, to store not only the bicycles but the rack as well.

    The little shelf where you can put your helmet (on Chris's rack) is just the space that's required to keep the handlebars away from the wall (I think).

  4. Hilary wrote:

    I suspect that there is some sort of Parkinson's law that says the number of bikes you own expands to fill the space available! I'm chronically short of space – the garage roof leaks and the shed is at the top of the garden. He who must be obeyed thinks 2 bikes in the house is quite enough, shame......! 🙂

  5. Chris wrote:

    I tried to remove the pannier rack from my old touring bike, but one of the bolts was seized. Instead I slackened the quill stem bolt on my Raleigh Road Ace and turned the bars through 90 degrees. The bikes would clang against each other without the padding I have put between them. Not ideal, but at least my newer bike gets to stay indoors, and the rack is used for two bikes, which is its purpose after all.


    (I've hung the bikes derailleur to derailleur side only because I would otherwise guarantee getting covered in oil from the nearest bike's chain when I squeeze past.)

  6. Wolf wrote:

    I got one of these off Amazon in as new condition for £5 & was so worth it. Its now holding my bike up on Livingroom wall as a feature when I've painted the wall.

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