Glorious in Guernsey!

A few weeks ago we booked a bargain break to Guernsey. We had intended to go in the middle of September but as prices fell significantly on October 1st that was the day we booked to go. And what a great decision that turned out to be! Mid September was stormy but on October 1st the sea was like a millpond and we sat outside basking in the sun for the entire 7 hour crossing from Portsmouth.

Guernsey 003

Arrival into Guernsey

Guernsey is not a large island, in fact it is less than half the size of the Isle of Wight. It seemed more suited to leisurely pottering than to a serious cycling holiday so Why?bike had a holiday for a change. That said, Guernsey did dominate all the cycling events in the Island Games! The most obvious route is to simply follow the road that circles the island giving a very enjoyable circuit of about 30 miles. Travelling clockwise the road out of St Peter Port is busy and the steep hairpins at the end of the seafront come as a bit of a shock. The narrow road runs inland for a few miles and carries a lot of traffic but this thins once past the airport and you soon reach the beautiful west coast.

Guernsey 006

Why?bike admiring the view

Guernsey 009

Fort Grey. The whole coast is heavily fortified.

Cycling along this coast is delightful. The main road hugs the sea while minor roads run out to rocky headlands.

Guernsey 012

The same pink rock as in Brittany.

Guernsey 015

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

The weather was so good that I had no trouble spinning this ride out into a whole day, with lengthy stops to bask in the sun or stroll along clifftop paths.

The coast is the most obvious attraction on Guernsey and the roads are quite busy. Away from the coast however is a whole network of tiny lanes, 'Ruette Tranquille', which meander delightfully through woodland before emerging onto the coast or back onto the main road.

Guernsey 027

Priority for cyclists. Excellent!

Guernsey 005

Evening on a Ruette Tranquille.

The following day we took a boat trip to the tiny island of Herm, a beautiful, peaceful place with no roads, so no cycling! I was lying sprawled out in the sun waiting for the boat back when I realised that I could no longer see Guernsey. Within minutes we were enveloped in a chilly mist and thus ended the Indian summer!

4 comments on “Glorious in Guernsey!”

  1. Chris wrote:

    I love the idea of 'Ruette Tranquille'. Can you imagine such a concept being implemented on the UK mainland? Me neither.

    Yes, that was certainly a bonus week. Your lovely photographs could have been taken in the height of the summer. That last one does look autumn-like, though. Or perhaps it is just the sunshine that appears golden. Did you manage to keep to the speed limit? 😉

  2. Hilary wrote:

    There are a couple of roads on the Isle of Wight that are supposedly 'Designated Quiet Roads' with a 15mph speed limit and priority for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Unfortunately the motorists don't seem to have noticed the signs – I've had more close shaves on these than any of the busier IOW roads!

  3. Kern wrote:

    The Channel islands have always had a special status, at least by reputation. If the Ruette Tranquilles are truly tranquilles, that is special statis indeed. Wonderfull vacation.

  4. andrew wrote:

    A few lanes in the Macclesfield area near the forest have signs declaring
    'Quiet Lane'. I think they create jobs for those making the signs and the fifty-one page project report. 🙄

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