Hung Up On Winter

I have a very simple conundrum. To hang or not to hang?

Winter approaches. This past weekend was gorgeous, and what was I doing? Raking leaves. If I don't do it now I will be staring at a pile of leaf mold in spring.

it is time to put the bikes away. My question: Should I hang to bikes by their front wheels on hooks? Will this distort the wheel? Are there better options for long term storage?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. Human Cyclist wrote:

    Don't put them in storage! Keep on riding.

    I don't think there's any issue with distorting the wheel. Disc brakes and fluid can be issue when hanging bikes upside down otherwise you should be fine. Enjoy the winter break!

  2. Patrick wrote:

    Hanging a bike up by the front wheel won't distort anything Kern. But the best option depends on the space in your house. Ideally your bikes will be in a place with some heat, and dry atmosphere, so that nothing rusts. I have some bikes stashed in the garage and over a long period traces of rust do appear. Maybe you can take the wheels off and tuck everything up somewhere in a dark corner of the attic? (with a bit of bubblewrap to prevent scratching) Blow off the cobwebs in the Spring and off you go.

    Our touring bikes are stored in the house – mine is near the bed with socks hanging over it and Sandra's is parked in a corridor. We also have a (son's) bike inside the hallway next to the front door. After a while you stop noticing.

    Under a bed with the pedals off and handlebars turned?

    (Hmmm... I was going to build a shed)

    Added later: good point about the disc brake fluid.

  3. Kern wrote:

    Human Cyclist wrote

    Keep on riding

    Good advice. It might work if the bikes were fitted with front skis ....

  4. Patrick wrote:


    That reminds me... where does Titanium Man live during the summer?

  5. Kern wrote:

    Titanium Man skulks around in the bottom of a computer for most of the summer. I unleash him occasionally on unsuspecting visitors for their (and my) amusement.

    The forecast high for tomorrow is minus 16 with a wind chill of minus 27. It's weather fit for expedition planning and not much else.

  6. Hilary wrote:

    The forecast high for tomorrow is minus 16 with a wind chill of minus 27. It's weather fit for expedition planning and not much else.

    😮 😮
    And to think I was moaning about being caught in a bit of hail!!

  7. Dan wrote:

    Hey ho. To think I used to enjoy cycling in harsh weather.. well, hell, I still do.. but there's harsh and then there's Far Northern Hemisphere Winter. Enjoy it when you can, keep safe when you can't. Take care and see you in the spring!

  8. Patrick wrote:

    Kern wrote: tomorrow is minus 16

    Dan wrote: ...Far Northern Hemisphere Winter

    but Ottawa is further south than Milan!

  9. Chris wrote:

    So what did you do, Kern? It looks like our tandem isn't going to get out a lot. The guy who I bought it from had it hung up in his garage. Is it just to keep it out of the way a bit – I mean is there anything wrong with just leaving a bike on the ground and propped up against a wall or something. What is the worry? Is it something about the tyres having weight on them for long periods? Should I be worried that the frame might be affected somehow? Or am I missing something else?

  10. Kern wrote:

    Hi Chris. In the end we said, "Hang it all!" and did just that. Being suspended by the front wheel for the winter had no noticeable effects. We were out for a 75 km run yesterday and Lady CoMo was fine. Both riders, on the other hand, tucked in for an afternoon nap.

    Perhaps James can ride stoker?

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