Isle of Wight Randonnee 2013

The weather gods smiled on us this year and the 1833 participants in the IOW Randonnee enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. I rode the route on Saturday (when it was cold and windy!) and then spent Sunday on the checkpoint at Whitwell helping to keep the riders well stocked with cake, chocolate and tea.

Randonnee 2013 027

Randonnee 2013 046

Most people start from the controls nearest to the ferry terminals so the first couple of hours are very quiet and anxious glances are exchanged. Will we really sell all this mountain of food? What will we do if we have 200 hot cross buns left over? There is no need to worry. The trickle of cyclists becomes a flood and then they descend like a swarm of locusts. By midday all the cake is gone and the chocolate is disappearing fast while the pile of used tea bags gets ever higher.

Randonnee 2013 043

Randonnee 2013 045

Cyclists spread out onto the roadside verge, mugs of tea in hand. A few look tired but most are happy, smiling, and enjoying the sun. Some are local but many are from further afield resplendent in their club colours.

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A few years ago there were many people riding tourers, hybrids or mountain bikes but now the vast majority are on carbon road bikes.There is however, still a significant variety of bikes on display including several tandems, various recumbents and a few hardy souls on small wheeled folders. Roberta's twin was also present!

Randonee 2013 032

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Randonee 2013 029

There was one cyclist who certainly raised a few eyebrows!

Randonnee 2013 049

He was dressed like this to raise funds for charity but it seems a bit counter productive – where was he going to put any donations?? I do hope he had some clothes for the ferry home! Still, it takes all sorts, and, like everyone else, he was clearly enjoying himself.

Randonnee 2013 050

5 comments on “Isle of Wight Randonnee 2013”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    Good photos Hilary, and splendid work with hot cross buns, but where are the bakewell tarts? LOL

    Well done to the Wayfarer Cycle Touring Club as well... 1833 participants, no entry fee. I would enter this if I lived in the vicinity but I think I'd have some clothes on!

  2. Chris wrote:

    There was one cyclist who certainly raised a few eyebrows!

    I'm not surprised. Riding a Randonnee on a full suspension mountain bike?!!?

    There is a joke to be had here about hot cross buns, but I shall resist the temptation...

    [edit: oh, wait a sec. I wonder if Patrick was being a bit too subtle for me :smile:]

  3. Patrick wrote:

    No Chris, I'm not that subtle; I just like bakewell tart. The battenberg cake looks nice.

  4. Hilary wrote:

    Patrick wrote
    I would enter this if I lived in the vicinity

    If you do I promise to lay on some bakewell tart for you! 🙂
    When I was still at school I worked for August Bank Holiday week in a Mr. Kipling factory icing Bakewell tarts. They came down a conveyor, were squirted with icing by a machine and I then had to spread it evenly with a palate knife. All day. Put me off Bakewell tarts forever! 😆

    We did have ginger, walnut, battenberg, angel, cherry, 2 types of fruit cake and flapjacks!

    As for the mankini and the full susser, some people really know how to suffer! 😆

  5. Kern wrote:

    Charity, charity, charity ... I'm still thinking about that one, Hilary. Roberta's twin is a fine looking bike.

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