Magnum Opus

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The weather is very bad for cycling, so I've been going through old cycle-touring photos of which I've literally thousands, and have picked some to present; I'll have something to say about many of them...

Card player in Ardales, Andalucia. Fuji 4900. 2mp interpolated to 4mp. Not a bad photo for 2mp!

Ardales, Andalucia.
Andalucia is full of wonderful-looking white villages. Many on hill-tops like this.

Mary on route from Malaga to Ronda. Via El Chorro and Ardales.
A great cycle this is. I've done it three or four times.

Coffee in Ardales. Mick Lehane, Mike Harris and Mick Sweeney.

The Retablo behind the main altar in Seville Cathedral. This is the largest Gothic church in the world and only behind St.Peter's in Rome and St.Paul's in London for size. This giant work of art which is carved wood covered by gold, is the lifetime's work of one Flemish artist. It's very tall and as you look up the figures look the same size as he made them bigger to facilitate this. It is said to be the greatest single work of Christian art and certainly to me, it is. I've seen nothing with the same wow factor. The photo was done with a poorish camera so it doesn't do it justice. If you visit the cathedral ask for someone to turn on the lights, as you can't see it without them.

Seville Cathedral. The tower is called El Giraldo and was the greatest minaret in the Muslim World. When the Christians took the city they kept it as part of the Cathedral. 2 horses side by side can ride up an internal ramp to the top. You can walk. It's quite plain side and a huge disappointment compared to the retablo.

Picnic in Corsica in the only town on the giant climb to the Col de Vergio. This climb is 4800 ft from sea-level. It has to be the finest climb I've done (3 times). Apart from the food, Corsica is very hard to beat as a cycling destination, but to be avoided in high season.

Another time in Corsica. Been there three times.

Climbing to the Col de Vergio

Looking at Arran from the Kintyre Peninsula.
You can get a ferry from Lochranza to Kintyre (there's nothing on the Kintyre side) and then there's a difficult up and down road to Campbeltown. It's only 35 miles but so hilly that it's enough for the day. I love the scenery (I've done it three times).

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8 comments on “Magnum Opus”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    The Post is not split Garry but the 'more' tag needs to be in near the top (as the home page shows only the start of each Post). Some stunning photos but the depth of the Post and the number of bytes that need to be loaded with them all can take a while. Worth the wait though!

    A magnum opus indeed (we are cycling the Mosel valley this year).

  2. Kern wrote:

    Some terrific shots here. They really illustrate how much territory one can actually see from a bicycle.

    I have a photo of Mary climbing that first hill in the Cape Breton car ad scene. I stopped and waited for her to ride ahead so I could get her with the telephoto. Even at that you can hardly see her because of the distance. A great setting, though.

    Sheffrey Pass still stirs. Ireland was a great ride for us.

  3. Garry Lee wrote:

    If you've not cycled the Mosel then you've a treat in store. Make the small diversion to see Burg Eltz. Try to stay in Hotel Zum Anker in Diez. Small town, fab hotel with restaurant on the water. See Berncastel Kuez. Then do the Lahn. That's excellent. See Nassau, Limburg, Wetzlar, and Marburg. You can get the train back to Koblenz (not great itself).

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Thanks Garry. Noted.

    Favourite is Elgol. Fine photos of the Highlands and Western Isles, my (late) father's favourite place in the world. The Old Man of Storr is the same sort of feature as the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye's Cuillin Ridge which he walked/climbed twice in his life, together with all 283 Munros – mostly during the 1980s (before digital cameras and DIY colour photography).

  5. Hilary wrote:

    Wow! What a collection!

    Fine photos of the Highlands and Western Isles, my (late) father's favourite place in the world

    Mine too. Although I am very happy on the Isle of Wight those photos of Mull and Ardnamurchan make me feel quite homesick! I lived up there for 12 years and it gets a hold on you somehow. The cottage below the Gribun cliffs belongs to the sister of Mairi who I used to work with! I'm a retired Munro bagger – still about 20 to go.

  6. Patrick wrote:

    You must do those last 20 some day Hilary (although I can understand the logistical problem from the Isle of Wight). As he became older it gave my father enormous satisfaction to have done them all.

  7. Ken wrote:

    Super holidays, super photos! I've really enjoyed your pics and commentaries and appreciate the effort you made. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Daniel wrote:

    Chapeau, Garry! That's a lifetime's worth of pics for most folks' lifetimes.. but I guess that people like us make more time for stuff like this ๐Ÿ™‚ A great selection of some truly evocative pics. I'm glad to say I recognise a fair few, mostly those in Scotland and County Cork.. good choices!

    The castle you can't recognise on its own little island รก la Eilean Donan is Castle Stalker, off Appin in Loch Linnhe (the continuation of the Firth of Lorn), just up from Lismore. (For those of you who don't recognise this – it's between Oban and Fort William, a bit south of where Glencoe meets the sea.) This is in fact the castle Monty Python used in Holy Grail – it's far more isolated than Eilean Donan, which though on an island, is so close to the 'shore' that a small bridge connects it to dry land. See for more about the place!

    Cheers for giving me a bit more of the bug to visit more of the world by bike. Next stop Alps, I reckon..


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