Minx-Girl and the Rickshaw messenger bag

As I recently put up a review of my favourite cycle luggage company, I thought it best that I should therefore review my cycle messenger bag. It was my birthday in March, and my eldest purchased for me, a Rickshaw Zero Messenger bag from Minx-Girl: http://www.minx-girl.com/

I love Minx-Girl for cycling clothing especially as I am now slim enough to be able to wear them, and found the bag on her site. Minx-Girl gives a very personal service and has excellent clothing as well as some surprises too. I have never used a messenger bag before, being a firm believer of 'not on you, but on your bike' sort of philosophy. But, I didn't want a lot of luggage on my road bike to keep it as a roadie and not simply another tourer.

Here it is with me off the bike, with my tourer.

Off the bike with Albert

This bag is made by an American company called Rickshaw, and I must admit I LOVE it. I think it draws out the 'girlie at heart' bit of me, as it feels like a handbag, infact I use it as such now. It is big enough for a change of clothing, or some shopping. I have managed to comfortably get 2 bottles of red wine in it as well as my evening shoes for a night out, and still have lots of room in it.

Here is a rear view of it, again off bike:

Off the bike

SInce the beginning of April I have used this bag to and fro work, to take my daily changes of clothing in, leaving just wet weather gear in the rack bag. Since the arrival of the roadie bike, the Rickshaw bag has come with me to work and to the shops daily. (When the sun shines at least) It is very roomy, and best of all, it stays put. It has a large shoulder strap on it made from what looks like car seatbelt material, and a belly strap (cant think what else to call it), the belly strap and the manner in which the shoulder strap has been attached to the messenger bag at a specific angle, means it really does not shift about once you get cycling.

For those of you who like me, preferred your gear on your bike, I took my roadie to Ramsey today, did some shopping, cycled to Douglas and then home. A round trip of 36 miles. The weather was dry and sunny about 11 degrees C. The route is very hilly, I topped 35mph at one point and about 5 the next! The bag really did perform very well. It was almost empty on my ride into Ramsey, and stuffed full for the ride home.

It did not rub, did not shift position or make me too hot while I climbed the steep hills out of Ramsey. In fact i could almost forget it was there at all.

Some pics of it on the bike:

Does my bum look big?

And finally, a me with a grin...


So a big thumbs up from me. I shall add, it might not suit you guys, but if you wanna nice gift for the lady cyclist in your life, you won't go too far wrong with this bag. It's water-proof according to the makers, though, I have only used it in good weather. It is also machine washable.

5 comments on “Minx-Girl and the Rickshaw messenger bag”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    A good review, and very nicely modelled!

    From Minx (on her website): "Want to express your inner girliness while kicking mountain bike ass? Like to ride into town, but hate making café stops in Lycra? Don’t want your bum to look big just because you’re dressed to ride a bike? Then you’re probably a minx."

    It's a nice website actually.

  2. Mary wrote:

    I do get rather tired of finding the ladies section of most websites to be a small tucked out of the way area, and then to find that most of the clothing on offer look like they are for the blokes cept with a dart or two added. Its not like that on the Minx-Girl cycling site.

    Her site is also a UK outlet for Terry. Which produce really wonderful cycling clothing with the female form in mind. Stylist and well fitting.. Love it.

  3. Garry wrote:

    Your daughter got you a better pressie than I got for my recent 60th birthday. Mary could not think of what to get me as I have everything already, she said, so she needed a new wok and got me one!! Maybe I should strap it and lid on my back and go off shopping with it! Have you tried stirfrying in your bag!
    Love the photos. 🙂

  4. Lisa wrote:

    Thanks for the great review. We're so happy you like your bag. If you're ever in the states and in San Francisco, do stop by and see us.

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