Pumping tyres with valve extensions on the tubes

Lizzie borrowed a pair of carbon wheels for a duathlon she's doing on Saturday and asked me to pump them. They are V-sections carbon rims with long funny-looking valve extensions. I couldn't get a decent connection, or so it seemed, to inflate the tyres hard enough. Tried various pumps. I could get them hard but not very hard and there was a lot of hissing.

EVENTUALLY, I worked out what the problem was. The extensions were not screwed tight enough onto the valves. Just a good grip and a hard twist and the leaking stopped.
The problem was that hissing is hissing, and that the natural assumption was that the seal of the pump on the extension wasn't tight enough.
I don't have a picture as the wheels are not in my house, but the valve tips (ordinary Presta valves) finish just inside the rim hole. You can see them. You leave the valve in the open position and screw these tubal connectors onto the valve.
Lizzie has been running exclusively for the past 6 months and hasn't been on the bike at all since January. She does swim three times a week but this is a run-bike-run and is the European Duathlon in Limerick. She has a cheek entering it, but she has won triathlons with no bike training on occasions and what she does on these occasions is cycle mostly standing up, using her running muscles. I'll let you know how she does. She is easily the best runner of all the Irish triathletes and at the moment easily the worst cyclist of the top triathletes!!!
She ran in the Great Ireland Run last weekend and came 12th, 6th Irish woman. This is a huge event and was won by Charlotte Purdue. This fantastic tiny English runner, about 4'10" and 19y of age is the new Paula Radcliffe. I'll be astonished if she doesn't win Olympic Gold. She was the fastest non-African in the World XC championship recently and won the European Under-23 XC in Albufeira last December.

Here's a photo of her on the right as you look:

and heading for the finish...

This article strayed a bit didn't it? A touch of James Joyce breaking out.

Well some time later...

Here's Lizzie in Euro Duathlon. She had not been on the bike at all since mid-Jan so only managed 21.25mph on this leg. She did the fastest 10k run (35min 55sec) and I don't know about the 5k run. Fourth in her age group (she won it last year, but had been cycling). She had great fun.

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    Garry wrote: This article strayed a bit didn't it?

    Well Garry, you could bring it back on track (sort of) with a photo of Lizzie in the European Duathlon, cycling standing up and pumping the pedals with her running muscles. Good photos above, BTW.

  2. Garry Lee wrote:

    Hadn't planned to go to Limerick myself, but I may do and if I do a photo will ensue!!

  3. Chris wrote:

    Lizzie... only managed 21.25mph on this leg

    I don't know the distance involved, but that doesn't seem like slacking to me, especially if she hasn't been on the bike since January. Very good photograph of Lizzie. Perhaps she slowed down for her dad to take a nice picture 😉

    That girl is tiny, isn't she? I do hope you're right about her being the next, er, big thing 🙂

  4. Garry Lee wrote:

    I first saw Charlotte run in European XC Under 23 championships in Albufeira. She took off like a rocket in the last lap and won by a mile. If she can avoid injury (she has had a knee problem) she'll kill everyone in a year or two.

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