Red Barron

It's not always easy to mix cycling with family life. I don't know if this will help, but I picked it up last weekend...


Red Barron tandem

The seller suggested it would suit a gentleman of 5'10" and a lady of 5'2". We're around 5'8", so it will be interesting to see how this punt in to the world of tandem riding will work. I am hopeful of being able to fit a suitable seat on this, or some other, pannier rack so that little James can come out for short rides with us. One for the long term?

531 tandem sticker

Quality Reynolds 531 Tandem tubes throughout

A trip on the tandem will still count towards my quota of rides on any one of my solo bikes (as us tandem riders call bikes made for just the one person). But such trips probably won't happen until the warmer weather.

Brooks female

Saddle possibly a little hard for Mrs B

Brooks male

Much stiffer leather than on my Brooks B17 standard saddle

Rhyno rim

40-hole Sun Rhyno rims...

Hope hub

... on Hope, large flange, hubs

6 comments on “Red Barron”

  1. Hilary wrote:

    Looks good Chris! I'll be interested to hear how you get on, nothing will persuade Dennis to try one. But then as he's 9" taller than me he would have to be the captain and that would never do! :D

  2. Kern wrote:

    Excellent, Chris! I'm very excited to hear how you manage on the Red Barron. Patience is a virtue, and this is definitely the time to be virtuous.

  3. Patrick wrote:

    A bold move! Well done, and it looks in good condition. Once you have fixed up a seat for James I'd like to suggest a short ride to the ferry port and a nice cycling holiday in Holland – perfect for tandems.

  4. Chris wrote:

    Thanks for the exclamations! I'm still looking forward to our first ride together.

    Thankfully I sought the advice of a local bike shop and the chap there pointed out the blindingly obvious – if not to me – the seat post I had raised was not long enough and the torque on the rear top tube/seat tube could compromise the joint. Unfortunately, the extra long seat post I was sold was 27.2mm and the seat tube on the Red Barron only accepts 27.0mm.

    On the plus side, I had been trying to blag a 56cm road bike for a bloke who was visiting this weekend. So I shoved the post in to my Raleigh Road Ace and it fitted, here at the minimum insertion point:


    So I still need a much longer 27.0mm seat post before I can get out with Mrs B on the tandem. I rode the bike on my own yesterday and it whizzes along :smile: and a number of people helpfully pointed out that I had lost someone. Very thoughtful.

  5. Patrick wrote:

    It's good that Mrs B is coming round to your line of thinking Chris. I hope she enjoys it.

    Incidentally, is there a particular reason why 'Barron' is spelled that way? (I can't read what is written on the sloping tube in the middle)

  6. Chris wrote:

    Barron is the name of the frame builder based in Stow near Lincoln. There is no web site, but of the few images I have seen of Barron bikes the paintwork is in red.

    27.0mm seat post on order, btw. Hope to revert to dropped handlebars at some point.

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