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Ken Roberts There may, of course, be many long distance cycle tourists who remain incognito, either because they prefer to or because they can't be bothered carrying a laptop computer to update their blogs. But the ones that do take the trouble to blog about their adventures from faraway places make it possible for mere mortals – friends and family, and anyone else in fact – to follow their progress, and even to be able to communicate with them en route. One such cycling blogger is the UK's Ken Roberts (pictured).

Ken Roberts isn't a 'celebrity blogger' like Mark Beaumont whose Cycling the Americas Blog is on the BBC website. I can't remember how I found Ken's blog, but it's good reading for anyone interested in cycle touring. Amazing is a better word. He set out in September 2009 on a journey expected to cover in excess of 45,000 miles over the next 4 years. So first and foremost he's a cyclist rather than a blogger (I say this because I've seen one or two cases where the blog appears to be the raison d'etre for the trip itself). And he's raising money for the Outward Bound Trust. His target is £45,000, a good reason in itself to draw attention to Ken's blog here on this website. He writes well too.

Chill winds and true grit

Now, in the winter of 2009, he's cycling into Serbia from Hungary. It all looks pretty bleak to me, and I imagine Ken is looking forward to spring, by which time he might be somewhere in Asia – Kazakhstan, maybe. He seems to have stopped updating his Google Map while cycling through Austria; I suppose it must be tiresome, or even impossible, to keep on recharging batteries. It's not too late to switch over to my suggested method which requires only a normal mobile phone, assuming he can get a signal.

There is something gritty about setting off alone to cycle the world. One wonders what really motivates such an "epic endeavour" (Ken's words). He writes that his journey is partly to raise funds for a worthy cause and partly "to inspire others to explore their potential through discovery and adventure." But I suspect, as is so often the case with heroic personal quests, that it goes deeper than that.

For the record, I'm also following Tyler and Tara on their round the world cycling blog titled Going Slowly, which is notable for excellent travel photography and its almost forensic attention to plates of food. They've recently polluted their blog with Twitter updates, which is unfortunate.

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  1. Ken Roberts wrote:

    Yours are very kind words – and yes, first and foremost I'd describe myself as a long-haul cyclist and / or independent traveller, depending on the company I'm in. Blogging for me is the means to share my experiences with others, rather than being an end in itself.

    What fascinates me about your project is the desire to keep it fresh, the idea of seven different contributors an interesting solution. Freshness – keeping it interesting for the reader – is also something I often think about. So far the ever onward nature of my journey has provided ample new material, and with the 'Stan ahead, don't see that running out anytime soon. But always welcome to suggestions.

    All the best


  2. Patrick wrote:

    'Keep the home fires burning' is what I suggest. Your blog's pages are a bit slow to load. Perhaps you can talk to your webmaster about this, as I believe it's an issue. That is my only suggestion. The rest is wonderful.

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