Season Finale

The weekend was the last ride of the season. By Saturday rain had washed away Wednesday’s snow and the pavement was dry.

The ride wasn’t as long as planned. It so happened that our intended route over Bellamy Side Road is not surfaced, so we just did a short out-and-back. Nothing strenuous.

On the way home the bikes were dropped off at Bertrand’s for servicing and to install winter training tires.

It’s time to dust off the CompuTrainer. Somewhere in the house I think I heard Titanium Man stirring …

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    On the bright side Kern, it's only two weeks before the evenings start to become lighter again. December 15th, although the shortest day is around the 21st. I think the mornings only catch up with the evenings early in January.

    Does "winter training tires" mean you'll still be cycling?

  2. Hilary wrote:

    Your winter posts make me feel almost ashamed of ever complaining about the weather!
    Still, I suppose Titanium Man will be happy to come out of hibernation.

  3. Kern wrote:

    Patrick, last year you also mentioned the difference in dates between the lengthening of evenings and the solstice. I'm sure you are right, but I don't undertand the geometry of this – it sounds like someone didn't wind up a rubber band tightly enough.

    "Winter training tires" means no more pavement. Continental has a special tire for indoor trainers. I've no idea how it differs from a road tire – I just assume it saves wear and tear.

  4. Garry wrote:

    God I hate indoor trainers. I've had them but have seldom used them. If I were you I would wrap up like an Eskimo and go for a long walk or if there's a large heated indoor shopping centre near you belt around that in your walking shoes!

  5. Patrick wrote:

    Kern wrote: Patrick, last year you also mentioned the difference in dates between the lengthening of evenings and the solstice.

    Well remembered Kern. Yes, I mention it every year 😀 (my late father used to mention it every year as well! Anyway here is the evidence. I agree, it seems strange. I must look into it.

  6. Chris wrote:

    I quite like the idea of an indoor trainer. However, I can't really justify the expense. I also imagine that I'd get bored. Francis has one in his garage and is working his way through a box set of the first series of 'The Wire'. He bought a decent quality wheel for a very good price to swap over rather than change the tyres. How does he get all this expense past Mrs Brogden...?

  7. Mary wrote:

    I would like a 'trainer' but we have no room. (Very tiny cottage of just 4 rooms and a loo in total and they are all full of people 🙂 )

    Cant wait until mid winter, then it all starts all over again wiht the sun returning albeit slowly....

    Like Hilary, I try my hardest not to weather complain when your posts have been submitted – we only got a little bit of snow last year, more than usual, but nothing compared to yourselves and I hated it!

  8. Patrick wrote:

    Kern wrote: ... the difference in dates between the lengthening of evenings and the solstice ... I don't undertand the geometry of this

    I hadn't forgotten about this Kern. It seems to be related to asymmetry between the solstices and the max/min distances between the earth and the sun (see the little green dots in this diagram). The geometry is probably quite complex (for me) but there is an explanation. In cycling terms it could mean your wheel doesn't just wobble from side to side but goes up and down as well.

  9. Kern wrote:

    Thanks Patrick – confusing but thanks. In cycling terms, someone must have been in their cups when truing the celestial wheel :).

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