Seven Day Forecast

From my bed I could see it; blue sky and its attendant promises.

Lift and lower. My old Marin came down from its hook. Lift and lower. The pump restored new life to the tires. Except the the rear one, which had a flat. “You can take my wheel,” offered Mary chivalrously.

Lift and lower. All the riding clothes, stored in boxes on shelves, came down. Check the brakes. There’s rubbing. Adjust. Test. Readjust. Repeat for 20 minutes and then realize it’s the mud guard, not the brake. There’s the rub!

The pavement advises caution. Pot holes are large enough to swallow a wheel; edges crumble like dessert dust. The shoulders, the paved shoulders, are covered with anthropocene silt – gravel, salt, bungee cords, smashed car bits, shreds of paper. The record of half a year of humanity was bound, compressed and frozen in stop-motion; and then deposited in a layer one centimeter thick.

A couple pass me on a rise. It is pointless trying to catch them. They are on road bikes – she an Eclipse carbon fibre, he a Peugot steel frame. I am on a hybrid configured for heavy touring over Romanian roads.

The legs are good – lift and lower, lift and lower. The left knee is behaving. It was injured October 21 running on a treadmill; by December I was a cripple and could not use stairs. Swimming kept me in shape over the winter and helped my wind. By the end of the ride the hip flexors are demanding attention.

Almost 6 months. For those who would like an idea of what this winter was like, I recommend this video. It has gone viral in Canada, for good reason.

4 comments on “Seven Day Forecast”

  1. Chris wrote:

    Ouch. I've been off the (proper) bike for three weeks and I thought I had it bad. Hope you have had no reaction since the ride. When is the next one?

    ... edges crumble like dessert dust.

    Can I suggest that someone perhaps adds a bit more butter to the mix? 😉

  2. Patrick wrote:

    Nice post. That's a long winter Kern. In contrast, ours was snow-less but I didn't cycle for 6 months either (6 months?). Lifting and lowering again now. Blue sky would be nice.

  3. Kern wrote:

    I don't know if more butter would make a difference – nothing will ever butter up English spelling and grammar enough for me to understand it.

  4. Hilary wrote:

    I have to admit I just can't get my head round the sort of weather you get Kern!
    Hope your knee is OK and you are able to enjoy some good weather. We've had glorious blue skies since Saturday, long may they continue!

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