Smiley text

smile :) :-) :smile: biggrin :D :-D :grin: sad :( :-( :sad:
surprised :o :-o :eek: eek 8O 8-O :shock: confused :? :-? :???:
cool 8) 8-) :cool: mad :x :-x :mad: razz :P :-P :razz:
neutral :| :-| :neutral: wink ;) ;-) :wink: lol :lol: redface :oops:
cry :cry: evil :evil: twisted :twisted: rolleyes :roll: exclaim :!: question :?:
idea :idea: arrow :arrow: mrgreen :mrgreen:

Copy the text for your chosen Smiley and paste it into your Post or Comment where you want it to appear.

Make sure to type a space before and after your Smiley text. That prevents the Smiley accidentally being mixed up with the text around it and not displaying properly. Also make sure not to use quotes or other punctuation marks before and after the Smiley text.