Snow in East Yorkshire

I know, it's hardly Hallmark quality, but here is a picture from this morning of the first snowfall where I live. I use this route to miss out a big roundabout. (I've never stopped to notice the graffiti before.)

Snowfall in East Yorkshire

The snow had melted by lunch time, and now it's started again. 30 minutes and the kids will be on the buses for the Christmas break. Brrrr.

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    Snow here too – not deep but not melting. Temperature 0.5 degrees, clear sunny day. Went for a walk on the hills instead of cycling. Do you always commute on your bike?

  2. Garry wrote:

    We seldom get much snow in Cork City. We got a small bit one day last winter. Some winters we get zilch. I hate the stuff, though it looks nice!

  3. Chris wrote:

    It did look pretty here (graffiti aside), but then I turned off this track and I was on an ungritted side road that made me cycle with my feet on the underside of the pedals – without using the toe clips on my new Wellgood M-20s. I’ve never ridden in the snow on the slick tyres I put on to replace the knobbly Maxxis Larsen that punctured twice in the first couple of weeks. I’ve been on (wait for it) Michelin PiLOT CiTY PROTEK MAX 1.75 ever since I started back at school after the summer holidays. When I bought the bike I also had a Blackburn MTB pannier rack fitted (for the Altura panniers I already had), since then full(ish) length mudguards, a couple of Bontrager bottle cages and some other stuff.

    I got this Ridgeback MX5 just before we broke up for the summer under a cycle scheme. The cost of extras: rack, lights, lock (but not the helmet – I think) are included and I will eventually pay back approximately 60% of the full price over 12 monthly payments. Then I can get another bike. I’ve used the Ridgeback on all but one or two days to cycle to work. And I’ve lost a stone since September. I’ll probably put it all back on in the next couple of weeks.

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Nice new photos Chris. It's not over yet (the snow). I think you're in for some more later in the week.

  5. Chris wrote:

    I understand the snow will be back on Thursday, so I'm going to try to do a little ride tomorrow. I expect it will rain, but apart from short rides to work and back I haven't been out on a bike for weeks so I feel I've got to do something.

    Re the new pictures, I don't remember so much snow that it clung to the phone lines like it did. The lines looked like white rope two inches thick.

  6. Chris wrote:

    Oi! The Independent has 'published' one of my December 2010 photographs on its 'Snow in the UK: Your winter 2010 pictures' online albums. It's my fave – can you guess which it is?

    It has snowed again since these pictures were taken, although rain has washed away everything but the most stubborn, albeit plentiful, patches of ice on the side roads and pavements round these parts.

  7. Patrick wrote:

    Well done Chris! This one.

  8. Chris wrote:

    Indeed it is.

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