Steve Abraham attempts to break the cycling year record…

... or the Highest Annual Mileage Record, if you prefer.

Steve Abraham set off just after midnight this morning in an attempt to beat the record – established by Tommy Godwin in 1939 – of 75,065 miles ridden in a single year.

At the time of writing there are a few links scattered about in various places so this post is simply to draw some of them together. Here are a few:

One Year Time Trial (official web site)
Steve Abraham on Facebook (records the progress of those attempting the record in 2015)
Steve Abraham on Strava
Tommy Godwin Record sub forum on Yet Another Cycling Forum
Steve Abraham on Twitter
UltraMarathon Cycling Association – rules for HAMR

7 comments on “Steve Abraham attempts to break the cycling year record…”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    Thanks Chris. I'm in two minds about this. I quite like the idea of Tommy Godwin's very old record not being broken, but I suppose it will be sooner or later. Nothing against Steve Abraham of course, and if he's British...

  2. Chris wrote:

    I've added a link to the rules for the Highest Annual Mileage Record as the UCMA are calling it.

    Nothing against Steve Abraham of course, and if he's British...

    There are a couple of Americans looking to go for this record. One of them at least plans to set off tomorrow after checking out how Steve Abraham has been getting on. The rules allow any 365 consecutive days to count as a year. I much prefer the idea of starting on 1st January. Even if someone comes along later with a higher mileage that straddles two years they won't take the true 'Year Record' off an Englishman. Whichever Englishman that might be... 🙂

  3. Hilary wrote:

    I've been following this with great interest – its just a mind boggling undertaking. I'm at home hiding from gales and rain, Steve is out on his bike.

  4. Chris wrote:

    Bad news, I'm afraid...

    Steve Abraham was in collision with a moped this morning.

  5. Hilary wrote:

    You've beaten me to it again Chris!
    Somehow he still seems to be smiling. If it was me I'd be pig sick! Its such a shame when he was doing so well and seemed to be really enjoying it.

  6. Chris wrote:

    Could he still get back on his bike and carry on with his attempt at Tommy Godwin's record? I understand there will be a decision made on Friday. That Kurt chap over in America is a distraction, I believe. If Steve Abraham can resume his attempt – somehow – the focus should be on those 75,065 miles. Yes, beating Tommy Godwin's record is what it should be all about. If Steve Abraham is still up for it...

  7. Hilary wrote:

    He's not given up yet!

    'Formal Announcement.

    Steve is now out of hospital (after his operation to have metal plates fitted to his ankle) and is recovering at home. He has decided to continue with the record attempt and as a team we are very seriously considering running a concurrent record attempt, starting sometime in the late summer this year after Steve should have made a full recovery. This is within the UMCA rules for this record attempt, so neither record attempt would end uf he started again in the summer.

    Steve is due to lose his advantage on the current record (and be roughly at the same mileage Tommy Godwin was at the same time of year), strangely on 11th April, which is HAM'R day. To mitigate that loss we are now looking into Steve using a recumbent trike. Steve has asked several medics and doctors whether this was wise to do ( when he was at hospital) and had no negative feedback. Riding a recumbent trike will mean that he can sit in an ideal position for recovery from his injuries, with the ankle raised. So as far as the injured ankle is concerned, it should be no different to sitting on his couch at home. Being outdoors will also give the benefit of extra vitamin D, which is very good for his bones.

    We can use the Milton Keynes Bowl for Steve to ride on so that Steve is never far from home and will be riding on a traffic-free circuit used for road racing. We anticipate Steve to be travelling very slowly, as he will be riding one-legged on a different kind of bike to what he normally rides, but if he can manage 5-10mph for 10hrs a day he should reduce his losses by over 2,000miles by the end of April. The doctors have given him 6weeks before the injury will have recovered enough to be weight bearing.

    On the negative side, the losses could be too great to recover. We don't know if Steve will recover fast enough to get back up to speed and meet his very demanding summer schedule, in order to re-catch what Tommy Godwin did in 1939. We don't know for sure if this plan will work.

    On the positive side. Steve was going from strength to strength during the first 3months of the record attempt and when he set off for Exeter last Saturday he felt stronger than he had all year. He has now had a good amount of recovery time after the accident. Although we don't know if Steve can meet the demanding summer schedule as soon as he is fully recovered from injury, we don't know that he can't either.

    It also seems possible that he could make a very good and fast recovery. We will have a better idea when he sees the doctor in 2weeks on how he is recovering. Of course, we don't know either way how it will go. But because we can keep this record attempt going without putting another record attempt at risk ( and riding on may even be helpful to Steve's recovery – and still have a fighting chance of achieving what he set out to do ), it seems logical to give it a try.

    Steve's main aim is to make a good recovery – and if using the recumbent trike doesn't work out we can always stop completely and have a complete restart in summer. He will not be doing anything rash, or take any risks. Nor will he go against professional medical advice. Steve would like to thank all his supporters for their continued support and messages of goodwill. He will keep everyone fully updated as his new plans progress. In the meantime, Steve wishes to pass on his regards and wish the best of luck to Kurt Searvogel who continues to ride strong and fast in the same record attempt and has proven himself to be a great sportsman, as well as a great sport'

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