The Beara Pilgrimage

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Huge view on the far side, into Co.Kerry. Glanmore Lake. Donie and Mick.

Myself and Mick. I'm a bit "strong" at the moment, as they say out of politeness in Co.Cork.

View from the top.

The Pub at Kilmacillogue where we had sandwiches and I had soup as well. They do very good sandwiches.

A few miles from Kenmare.

Rapids on river near Kenmare.

At top of Caha Pass. Barley Lake in the distance. That road is not where you descend to Glengarriffe but is a side road.

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4 comments on “The Beara Pilgrimage”

  1. Kern wrote:

    For the benefit of casual readers, I will vouch for Beara and the Adrigole Pass. Mary and I cycled it last year at the end of May (on Garry's recommendation). The hillsides were smothered in purple rhododendrons. A trip to the Emerald Isle is worth it for this ride alone.

  2. Chris wrote:

    Some striking images. I think my favourite here is the one after the telephoto shot. That's a lot of rock.

  3. Hilary wrote:

    Lovely pictures, that looks a stunning ride. I really must get over to Ireland – I've been meaning to go back since 1975! 🙂

  4. Mary wrote:

    I am really going to 'Do' Ireland, perhaps next year as I do not have a plan for 2012. (2013 is already planned out)

    It really is stunning, a bit like the very best of Scotland and New Zealand together. You are lucky to live in such a place of contrasts Garry.

    I did smile at how 'Strong' you are looking, here the term is 'You look well'.
    We call our hills (only one small mountain), 'cronk'. Interesting the similarities of celtic languages. Cronk Garroo, for example means rough hill. Hungry Mountain is such an ace name!

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