The ManxCat is BACK

Been a long long time.

But on the 1st July, if I promised to take things easy, I have been given permission to ride my bicycle again. It has been the longest 14 weeks of my life, but its over and now I have to think about getting bike fit again.

Surgery (abdominal) in March didnt go well. You know, its odd when the 'Grim Reaper' hovers behind you, all the lovely prezzies from heaven that magically appear once your finally starting to get well again, after nearly a fortnight in hospital, Chas my lovely hubby bought me a running Flying Scot bike. One that really fits me – a 52cm frame (20'). Its even the exact same year as I am. So its been an eventful year so far, and one that is only now going to improve. The bike has sat in the front room for me to google at, Chas hid the pedals to ensure I didn't give it a blast before I got the 'All-clear to go' from the consultant – pictures and wee blog of bike to come. Best of all, I am volunteering to help with the Audax London-Edinburgh-London event later this month, and Im able to cycle to the control instead of having to bring a car.

Really looking forward to loving cycling again. THese past weeks I have literally closed all doors to cycling as frankly it was all too depressing at the time, even knowing I was going to be well again, still didnt stop the negative feelings popping into my head. Now the wheels are turning, I feel like a brand new person once more.

Today, was the first weekend out on the bike, it was Tynwald day on the island, a bank holiday so I met with some girlfriends in Ramsey and we had a quiet pootle around the northern section of the island. Here is my route:

I was surprised at how well I managed it, but the ol' legs didnt forget how good cycling can feel. Im a bit tired now, but a good tired. Walking has kept up some fitness, but I have discovered that I really hate walking – too painful to do any distances and it takes far too long to go anywhere! But, it served a purpose.

Learnt to sew. Started making homemade wines again. Learnt to spin. Knitted an entire drawer of jumpers for winter and 6 pairs of socks, so not been too idle.

Soz I have not been pro-active on the blog. Things though, ..... 'Can only get better....'

Mary x

7 comments on “The ManxCat is BACK”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    Welcome back Mary, and well done with the "quiet pootle" of 52 miles with more than 3,200 ft of climbing – more than I have done recently (but then I'm watching Le Tour on TV). Stick with your promise to take it easy, and enjoy the weather, assuming it's as nice on the island as it is on the mainland. You'll soon be A1 again.

    PS: looking forward to seeing the Flying Scot bike.

  2. Mary wrote:

    Thank you Patrick, its great to be back and on two wheels once more. If your watching the Tour, keep an eye out for Peter Kennaugh, he is one of our lads, won a Gold medal at the olympics giving Onchan on the Isle of Man a splendid gold postbox and telephone kiosk. He and Cav are both touring France it seems! 🙂


  3. Chris wrote:

    Great to hear you're back in the saddle, Mary.

    keep an eye out for Peter Kennaugh

    The boy done good – helping to put his leader in yellow is a job well done.

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Yes, the boy done good, and I hadn't realised... he's now Peter Kennaugh MBE.

  5. Hilary wrote:

    Hi Mary
    So pleased to hear that you're back on the bike again. If you call 52 miles and 3200 feet of climbing 'a quiet pootle' you can't have lost too much of your cycling legs! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your Flying Scot (that's an amazing husband you've got there too!) and hearing about your experiences at LEL.

  6. Kern wrote:

    The spirit revives! Good seeing you 🙂 .

  7. Daniel wrote:

    Hi Mary! Another welcome back to the saddle and I'm very glad you're up and with us again! Poor you, I can sympathise with your extended layoff.. I hope that your enforced and endured discipline will have let you recover fully enough to enjoy your cycling more than ever, and in full safety and health! Take care, and Welcome Back! 😀 Dan

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