Things ta de, when ya nae cyclin'

Bored, bored, bored, bored.... Did I say JUST how bored Im getting of the white stuff?

Even the Isle of Man did not miss out on this. Normally, if it snows it keeps it's unwelcome self to the heights of the Mountain Road. But not this time. Like many of you out there, we got a dumping of it too. Strangely it only snowed for half an hour, but it was enough to drag the island to a complete stand still, and I ended up with two enforced days off work.

The days off work, would of be brill, had I been able to do some thing with them.

As its been so icy, bike has been locked in the shed. I road last Monday home from work, as the road was freezing up beneath the wheels of the bike and the closeness of the cars as they sped past defeated my flattened confidence. But that was OK. Work is just 4 miles away, if I got up early enough I could easily walk that, and hubby works at the same place, so I could scrounge a lift home.

Set off at 6am, and made my way along the tram lines. There is no pavement on most of the walk into work, and again those close speeding cars – we are not allowed to walk on the tramlines normally, but as they don't run in the winter, I became a rebel with a cause! I was just an hour into the walk, when the glorious moon (didn't need to light my torch) became hidden behind a cloud and the stars (how fab is the night sky when its very frosty?) disappeared. It started to hail at first, then snow fell. Lots of it. By the time I was at work, the barely salted roads were covered in 4 inches of it. Nothing compared to Lancashire, but a lot when your taken by surprise. The caretakers managed to get in at work and by 8am the word was out that all education establishments were closed for the day.

I like walking, but I am not a walker. I have a bad back from a horse accident and frankly the thought of walking back home wasn't that great! But at least it was light. Got a call from hubby, ..'get milk, get sausages'.. – why is it he needs sausages when ever a lie in is the prospect for the day? The 4 mile walk became 14 by lunchtime! Did I say I am no walker? 🙂

Railway line

If you look closely you can see the Cumbrian hills in this next picture, looking like Antarctica in the distance, I expect we looked like an iceberg from over there.

Safe walking route to shop

The bridge at Laxey

Bridge in Laxey

It was quite nice at first, but today is Saturday and none of the snow has really gone. The roads are clear, except where the black ice lurks and everyone is back at work, but I am really missing my cycling now. Its been a long while since I have not cycled for an entire week. My legs will feel it once Im back in the saddle.

One thing good that came out of the enforced 'rest' days, was that Chas found some time to have a go at repairing my seized brake piston on the mtb. Here is the 'workshop' in the warm....

Mountie in the Kitchen

He has managed to do a temporary job, but at least, should the girls be out tomorrow on a ride, I shall be able to go with them. It seems Ive been riding my mtb with a seized piston for some time! No wonder I struggle to keep up some times, and no wonder the Manx End to End Challenge was so difficult! (Ordering a new brake on Monday!)

I hope the weather breaks soon. We are forecast rain for the next week, lets hope so. Hey, am I hoping it rains? (So long as Jack Frost is on his holidays to see the polar bears that is).

Today, I am making my batches of marmalade. Somehow the bitter oranges managed to arrive in the local supermarkets, even if the island was unable to get about. Not the same as cycling though is it?

5 comments on “Things ta de, when ya nae cyclin'”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    Nice photos. It's interesting to see the hills of the English Lake District from the Isle of Man, especially as yesterday I took a similar distant photo of them from the top of my local hill on the West Pennine Moors.

    The temperature here this afternoon is minus 1.5, so nothing has changed since yesterday. Crisp snow all around, and not very nice to walk on. I'm half thinking of getting out by MTB for a quick trial, but it needs new brake pads and doing anything outside, your fingers freeze almost straight away. The bloke across the road (an optician) walked to his work in Chorley the other day. That's about 12 miles, and it wouldn't have been easy on the slippery footpaths. I haven't seen his car for days.

    Incidentally, you have the same work stand as me. I was given it for Christmas.

  2. Chris wrote:

    Nice summary of how fed up we are with the weather, Mary. Ooh, put some newspapers on that kitchen floor! I've been looking around on the CTC forum. Are you still thinking of going on the Friday night ride to the coast from York?

  3. Mary wrote:

    RE Cycle ride to the Coast from York;

    Not planning to do this route this year. I have a full diary already cycle wise. Gonna be a bit of an expensive year for me as well, one way or another, so just keeping to my Audax riding in the UK.

  4. Patrick wrote:

    I'm still nae cyclin' myself. Not so much bored as frustrated from an exercise point of view. It's taking a long while to melt, especially as light sleet all day has added another few millimetres. Even walking is pretty hopeless around here.

    I do like marmalade. My favourite is Fine Cut Orange and Tangerine from Tiptree (Wilkin & Son Ltd). My Dad used to make marmalade from Seville oranges around this time of year, but it was too thick for my taste.

  5. Mary wrote:

    FINALLY, after what seems an age, the wonderful warm wind is howling outside and the cheery rain is belting on the window panes once more. Had a fabulous ride into work once more this morning the rain was very refreshing, but not cold at least, or perhaps the many layers of base and fleece layers saw to that!

    But, a change on the way for now at least.

    Hope everyone else sees the thaw shortly as well. SO glad to be back on 2 wheels once more.

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