Time to Panic

In four days we leave on our first serious tour in over two years.

We were lying in bed a couple of weekends past when the panic set in. It happens before every trip. For months you anticipate and day dream about the ride and think of all the great setup work you'll do to be prepared.

Then, two weeks before departure, reality hits like a ton of bricks. Lists grow like vines, equipment is swapped in and out (we really did need new panniers, didn't we?), maps are plotted (or so you thought), and by the way who's going to take care of the cats while we're gone?

On Saturday we rode with our new eqiupment setup for the first time. It wasn't really a ride – Mary wasn't feeling well and I could tell her heart wasn't in it. We managed one climb up Pink Lake and turned around. (When inflating the tyres next morning I saw that the pressure was almost down to 60 psi. Hmmm, maybe she was pulling her weight after all.)

Yesterday was a full length, fully loaded ride to the top of Champlain Lookout. We were rather pleased with ourselves, except I had to stop for lack of fuel 5 km from home, and afterwards the legs felt like concrete.

Last night Lady Como was disassembled. I undid bolts and Mary documented steps (just in case). Lady Como rests in suitcases, waiting to be reassembled in some small hotel room on the far side of the Atlantic.

We are both out of shape and are carrying too much weight, but I don't care how steep those hills are. Our walking shoes are packed and if we have to walk it will be with smiles on our faces.

Four more days of panic. Then let the good times roll.

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    Yes, let the good times roll! Have a great trip. The wind in your sails will make all the difference.

  2. Hilary wrote:

    I'm sure you'll have a great time. Whenever I go anywhere I'm really excited until a couple of days before when I feel I don't want to go after all, then when it comes to return I want to stay longer! Strange thing the human mind! 🙂
    Where are you off to?

  3. Kern wrote:

    Hilary wrote

    Where are you off to?

    We're off to northern Spain. We fly to Barcelona, take the train to Girona, assemble ourselves, and then ride west. We don't know how far we'll get (because we also have to make it back). With luck we'll be able to cross into France for the return. I was looking at your route from Irurita to Espelette as an option.

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Lovely, Kern. We are going to the Pyrenees in September but from the other side via Pau in France.

  5. Chris wrote:

    Splendid stuff – not much time left to panic. Do enjoy your holidays. And remember to pack that funky wrench to put Lady Como back together again.

  6. Jim wrote:

    People seem to be travelling late this summer. I leave for Paris on the 9th September and ride down hopefully to Beziers for a flight home with Rynair. Thats if I can get their website to accept my booking and not charge me twice! Flights from Southern France to Manchester are realy hard to come by.
    And I still cannot make a firm decision about how to pack the bike. Panniers, no, frame bag, no, Super C saddlebag? Front rack? No too heavy. But the bike will handle better. All these voices in my head.

  7. Patrick wrote:

    Have a nice trip Jim. Easier to pack if you're not camping – or perhaps you are?

  8. Jim wrote:

    Thats it Patrick. I am camping. Well a mixture of B&B and hopefully lightweight camping. Teamed up with a stranger again for this trip which means if we get on ok and stay together we can afford B&Bs. But need the camp gear as a backup. When I win the lottery it will be my lightweight bike plus the super C saddlebag and luxury all the way.

  9. Mary wrote:

    Enjoy your holidays everyone. I dont feel I even had one this year. Looking forward to reading about them on here shortly.

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