Two girls plan an Adventure…

The Way of the Roses.
I like to plan my own rides and where I cycle having already ridden several Sustrans routes since I began cycling in 2007. Tina knew someone on the island who had ridden the new Sustrans route – Way of the Roses and she wanted to do this ride. Well, why not? It will be a good start for Tina, a ride to cut her teeth on so to speak.

Initally we were cycling it in one direction, but no... that isnt much of a challenge simply to ride from A to B and train it back. As we were cycling Way of the Roses in 2 days, we might as well ride back to the boat too. That way, Tina gets her wish – to ride a C2C and I get my way, to plan the return trip. Err.... and of course its an opportunity to get my April Audax GPS done too.... 🙂

I have been caught out before by some of the 'off road' sections that Sustrans offer, and it was decided that we would miss the 17 miles of 'off road' on the Way of the Roses. I was taking Hettie-Hetchins, and there is NO way I wanted to cycle her for 17 lumpy, bumpy, puncture filled miles. Hetchins is, and always will be a road bike. No half measures. So when I found the route directions on the Way of the Roses site, I copied it into my SATMAP, and found lanes that by-passed the rough grassy bits.

The web site, has a very useful list of accommodation, and in January (I do plan these things early!), I set about finding B&B's. Not that easy, as there were few that would take bookings for just one night. The general cost of living I know has risen since last summer, and I was a bit surprised at the rates these days for B&B as well. But thankfully, I found a place at Pateley Bridge that would give us twin accommodation that we could afford for one night. The second night's stop we are cycling beyond the end of the Rose's ride, by completing the stretch across England to Flamborough on the very very east coast. Why end the ride in Bridlington when for another 7 miles we could get to the most easterly point from Heysham docks. 🙂

The return ride, is going to be beautiful. I purposely chose to ride to my brother's house in Cumbria, and we would be doing this via Herriot Country, staying near Leyburn for the return break, before tucking into a hearty Cumbrian dinner at my brother's cottage, before the ferry journey back to the Isle of Man.

Well. We have a week to go. That is just 6 sleeps! Can you tell how excited I get? Not slept well for the past two nights and we still have 6 to go! Butterflies in my tummy going round and around. I do look forward to a cycle tour. 🙂

Hettie had a total service yesterday, wash and polish, brakes checked, nuts and bolts tightened, lights checked and new batteries pushed into place. She is now locked up ready to go until Saturday morning when I cycle off to the ferry to meet up with Tina. My bags are nearly packed too, (cycling stuff is at least).

Well, I will publish a nice blog of the trip once Tina and I are back. Fingers crossed Mr Sunshine comes along to join in the fun too (and hoping he does not bring along his side-kick Mr Strong Winds, unless he's behind us of course).

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    I'd be excited too. I hope you both have a wonderful ride, in calm sunny weather preferably. It's a big ride in just two days but the route looks lovely and you'll have some company this time. Looking forward to the blog. Take lots of photos!

  2. Mary wrote:

    The first bit will be the hardest Patrick. Not sure if we have bitten off a bit too much as we will be cycling more than 65 miles and have to be at the B&B before 8pm.

    Thing is, the ferry doesnt dock until lunchtime!

    Still an adventure it will be... 🙂

  3. Hilary wrote:

    Sounds great. Have a wonderful time, you can't beat heading off into the unknown! I bet Hettie is excited too!

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Yes, the first part is hilly – the route. Probably about six hours of cycling. It's still light at 8.30pm so you should be fine, and you'll have lights anyway I assume. As things are at the moment, the weekend weather forecast looks superb – a sunny 17 degrees. Great!

  5. Mick F wrote:

    I always look forward to a tour too, and hopefully the ferry will be on time!

    I'd be a little concerned about doing 65 miles but not starting until after lunch, but then I do worry about late starts.

    I'm a morning person. I like to get everything done in the morning if I can, perhaps going into the afternoon, but whatever happens, I always get going early. I'm not saying you or I can't do the miles, but it does my head in NOT getting going. I'd be fretting and biting my nails!

    How sad am I? 🙂

    Good luck, and enjoy yourselves.

  6. Chris wrote:

    You will enjoy the route, Mary, including the hills. I don't want to worry you, but I do think you might be a bit pushed for time, especially if the wind is not in your favour. We took nearly 3 1/2 hours to get to Settle from Morecambe (via the Trough of Bowland rather than on your route), but we were travelling much lighter than you will be. Don't get too comfortable in Settle, by the way. The climb out of there was a bit of a shock to the system 😮

    Why do you have to be in your Pateley Bridge B&B by 8.00? Is there no negotiation on that time?

  7. Mary wrote:

    Chris wrote: Why do you have to be in your Pateley Bridge B&B by 8.00? Is there no negotiation on that time?

    LOL the pub stops serving food at 8pm and Tina and I wanna metamorphise into women by then!

  8. Kern wrote:

    Good luck tomorrow to you and Tina, Mary. May the wind be at your back.

  9. Patrick wrote:

    A light SSE breeze is forecast for Saturday, and light SW for Sunday. So no nasty headwinds and plenty of sunshine. Looking good I reckon. Perhaps Mary will bump into Chris on Sunday – I think they will both be Wolding that day.

  10. Mary wrote:

    OOooo, well Chris, should you spot 2 over laden female cyclists, do give us a shout!

    Weather is looking great, which Im very pleased about especially as its easterly winds on Saturday as we head east and westerly winds on Monday as we head west... 🙂

    Everything packed and ready to go. Hettie is looking keen as mustard.

    Patrick, my Dogcam came yesterday, and is also set up for some wobbily film work! YOu never know what pics will come home with us!

  11. Patrick wrote:

    Mary wrote: ... pleased about easterly winds on Saturday as we head east and westerly winds on Monday as we head west ...

    LOL – are you sure?

    Actually I don't think there will be much wind at all. Have a great trip the both of you. Looking forward to video with fine music.

  12. Alan wrote:

    I hate to burst any bubbles, but easterly winds come from the east. I'm sure yours will be behind you, Mary. Enjoy!

  13. Kern wrote:

    Not a problem, Alan, they can always pedal backwards! 🙂

  14. Brian Leadley ( EVCC ) wrote:

    Afternoon Mary / Tina,

    hope the weather will / has been in your favour !

    Saturday scone run – 53 miles and fast , 17.2 mph average, middle group teamed up with fast group at Bride , then up to the point and after bride down to Andreas very quick.

    Anyway, how is it all going so far. Hope you are taking loads of photo's. Incidentally, my grandfather was from Bridlington / whitby way, bet you will see a lot of the Leadley name if you look in a local phone book !

    Tina, thanks for the invite to party, but I might have my brother in law over at the same time.. I'll check

    signing off, Brian

  15. Chris wrote:

    Patrick wrote: Perhaps Mary will bump into Chris on Sunday

    There were 27 miles of our routes that coincided yesterday, so we could have met. There were quite a few pairs of cyclists out yesterday but, sadly, we didn't see Mary and Tina. The wind wasn't too bad, actually, and it calmed down when we would have turned in to it coming from Bridlington.

    Mary, hope you and Tina have enjoyed your trip so far. Looking forward to the write-up.

  16. Garry wrote:

    I had a tour with a late start in 2009, from Tortosa south of Barcelona to Lisbon. We started (Mary, Mick and I) at lunchtime in 30C. I knew we had 55 miles to go. I told them in advance that I had no real way how much climbing there was involved. It turned out to be a mere 5,500 ft. Mick has since referred to the tour as "The Spanish Tonguelashing". I wonder why...

  17. Kern wrote:

    "The Spanish Tonguelashing" :). I heard that Marys can be cross!

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