Two rides, suspension forks

Saturday poured down. All day. Never left the house.

Bike at gate

Near Jepson's Gate (a poor photo with the gate bar obscuring the hill)

Sunday, sunny and warm and I went for a ride with Sandra – the third time out on her Scott hybrid. As we came back along the track over Healey Nab we absolutely agreed suspension forks are good on bikes. Did more or less the same ride later by myself and stopped for a photo at White Coppice. Hens are allowed to wander in a field, which I like. Some bantams were running in the lane. I like that too.

Hens in field

Hens at White Coppice

In the morning we'd got back just as Robert (son) was driving off to the Lakes, although he'd originally planned on Scotland. His mountain bike is was in a bad state so on Thursday I'd washed it and ridden it down to the bike shop to get the headset fixed (I don't have a headset press – yet). The brakes didn't work, the gears were skipping. On Friday Nick (son) replaced all the cables and brake pads.

By the time I was home the sky had greyed over again. More rain tomorrow.