We need a puncture Whisperer!!

Yesterday 5 of us did a 65mile spin in gorgeous weather. Cork Midleton Rathcormac Ballyhooley Cork. Mick got 3 punctures. None of us had had one for weeks. We could only explain one of them and then it was just a theory.
He was back from touring in France but not on this bike. He started out with a brand new tyre, 23c, inflated as hard as Arthur Scargill's neck. After 11 miles, puncture. Not an explosion, but a silent one. Tiny hole in tube on the side, nothing in tyre, tyre removed inspected etc. Rim tape perfect. New tube installed. Off we go. After 11 miles same thing. This time small puncture, but a tell-tale crease around the punctured area, leading me to believe that the tube had a fold in it in the tyre casing, and in my experience, this WILL puncture, sooner or later.

Another new tube. Off we go. 11 miles later (11 miles EACH TIME!!!), puncture no. 3. On outside of a different area of the tube. Nothing in tyre, rim tape, no exposed wire in tyre, not a pinch puncture. Combined genius of 5 very experienced cyclists (4 really, Donie is to bike mechanics what Eddie the Eagle was to skijumping) fails to suggest any reason for it. Off we go and reach home 30+ miles away. No further incident.

What the hell is going on??

Donie practicing the sport at which he excels. Bike-wrestling!

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  1. Mike Smith wrote:

    On a London to Paris charity ride last year, one of the guys got FIVE punctures in less than two hours. Nothing seemed to work, despite intense inspections of the tyre (inside and out).
    Eventually, on the final inspection (and tube no. 6) we detected the tiniest pimple on the inside of the tyre which definitely hadn't been there after the first four punctures. We worked at it with a Swiss army knife, and revealed a tiny, almost microscopic piece of glass bedded in the tyre.
    while repairing the first four punctures, this little b*****r had been buried in the tyre, but only protruded once the tube was in and inflated to 150psi, when it intruded into the tube just enough to cause the problem.
    Once we hooked it out, we completed the remaining 350 miles without a problem.
    Amazing how simple it is to ruin a day's riding!

  2. Garry Lee wrote:

    Mike, I've seen exactly what you describe and it was during my series of 12 punctures in February last, but only 2 of them were caused by it. As the punctures referred to above are clearly in differnt places and at different aspects of the tube, I don't think that that's the explanation. Mick has since gone over the tyre with what dermatologists call a "hand lens" and what humans call a magnifying glass and can find nothing. However he noted that the weave of the tyre is very coarse (it's a Michelin) and is unlike his previous tyre which has a smooth interior. He's changing tyres again. I'll have a good look at the culprit tyre in the meantime to see if I can see anything in it!!
    Thanks for your suggestion.

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