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A WordPress plugin is available for cyclists. Just installed it here, and it seems* to work. The following example (for testing) is the ride we did on July 24th, 2011. Instructions for use are on bikes.org.uk. Thanks for the suggestion Chris! From ClubShorts e-newsletter for CTC Member Groups.

[iframe removed on 31st December 2012]

A WP plugin is a piece of software that adds functionality like a smartphone app, except that plugins are installed on websites, not phones. Nice work, Mark Taylor (who wrote the plugin). GPSies, which the plugin runs with, is also an impressive – and fast – service. Is that because it's German? Using the plugin to display your own bike rides requires a login on GPSies (free) and some kind of GPS device, a Garmin for example. Oh, and a website, or blog, running WordPress.

WordPress usage: add the following into a Post (blank line above and below):

[gpsies fileId=bomvjbwjmpgtonsu show=full]

For the map without the preceding text info ('maponly'):

[gpsies fileId=bomvjbwjmpgtonsu show=maponly]

(fileId is taken from the route's URL in GPSies)

[Edit: 'Description' doesn't seem to work]

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  1. Chris wrote:

    I've created an account for the GPSies.com web site so that I can upload and share routes. I initially wondered how this plug-in was better than the Garmin Connect (or MapMyRide – another web site for which I have an account). I see now that GPSies.com – and this plug-in for WordPress sites – allows people to download an electronic file in whichever format they prefer.

    However, I am still a little unsure which format would be the best one for me to use when downloading someone else's route for use with my Garmin eTrex Legend: GPS Track; GPS Route; Garmin Course CRS; Garmin Course TCX 😕

    [Edit: 'Description' doesn't seem to work]

    I notice that the IFRAME snippet doesn't seem to work either. I can't reproduce it here for some reason, but it doesn't overlay the route when the map is displayed. At least not for me anyway...

  2. Patrick wrote:

    GPS Track or GPS Route (I wouldn't bother with the others) depends on whether you want to navigate 'actively' or 'passively'. I prefer 'passively' so use GPS Track, in .gpx file format. More info here and here.

    What is the IFRAME snippet, Chris?

    *Been getting some errors as well, on loading this page (possibly resolved):

    "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'String could not be parsed as XML'... etc etc"

    I think this error occurs when the plugin fails to connect to GPSies, or more accurately when GPSies fails to respond to the plugin, so I've edited the plugin for this website so that (I hope) a proper error message comes up ('Cannot load xml source.') instead of a 'fatal' error that breaks the page.

  3. Chris wrote:

    IFRAME is one of the three options you have if you scroll down the page for one of the tracks at GPSies.com. I saved the snippet as a .html file and it displayed the map but with no track.

  4. Patrick wrote:

    IFRAME from GPSies:

    [iframe removed on 31st December 2012]

    I'm not sure what you mean by "saved the snippet as a .html file" Chris. I just pasted in the IFRAME. Hmmm... may as well just paste IFRAMES in from GPSies rather than use the plugin.

    Incidentally I'm not too impressed by GPSies advertising 'online' 23 year old females for dating. Did I do something wrong?

  5. Chris wrote:

    Er, yeah. That's the badger 😳

  6. Patrick wrote:

    I'm deleting this plugin, having looked in the error log on the server. Typically:

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'String could not be parsed as XML' etc

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