A cycle ride to Coxwold… with coffee and cream

“Temptations”, Coffee & Ice Cream Parlour. A new cafe stop, in Stamford Bridge

It’s always rewarding to introduce other cyclists to a new cafe. A couple of weeks ago we rode to Coxwold in North Yorkshire (my third century ride of 2012) via Stamford Bridge. The prices at “Temptations” are a little steep for the likes of some of our group, but it’s the only such place for miles. I hope it does well, particularly as the weather improves. As sometimes happens, a couple of riders went back from this point and three of us carried on further north. I wish I could have spent more time in Coxwold to take a few more photographs of such a beautiful unspoilt village.

On the descent from the south towards Coxwold. The Kilburn Horse is there in the far distance. Honest

This was a curiously windy day. When I expected an unhelpful stiff breeze we made good time at 17mph or so (and on the way home we turned in to a head wind). This ride is probably one of the furthest north I would complete on a day ride. At one point we could see the Kilburn Horse near Sutton Bank on the western escarpment of the North York Moors. The chaps reckoned it was about eight miles away, but it looked closer than the image above would suggest.

Some of our member group were staying at nearby Helmsley Youth Hostel. They attended a service at the church in Coxwold

There wasn’t a lot to report on here, and I nearly didn’t bother at all. Just a good long ride, mainly with Dave W and Chris M. Oh, we met up with Tom at Coxwold (he had gone the hard way and was there before us). We lost him later when he went off to the left at a junction and we went right a little later. Oh well. I was severely dehydrated and had to buy bottled water (nearly as expensive as those early morning coffees) and Lucozade in Pocklington.

When there are three riders the dynamic is sometimes an odd one. At times we rode in single file, especially on busier roads and when pressing hard towards our lunch stop. Other times I think we rode three abreast or tried to have a three-way conversation including someone behind. Much better to have even numbers. Yes, not a lot to report. But a good ride nontheless.