Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance?

Did you ever wonder how the BMX bikes would fare in long-distance rides or even in commutes compared to other kinds of bikes? Well, you’ve found the right place on the internet to learn the answer to your curious mind.

BMX bikes are not your typical kind of bike. They are relatively shorter than most of their counterparts. They have unique tires, most of which do not contain brakes. Simply put, they are built for a particular purpose.

That being said, BMX bikes good are not so good for long-distance rides because such bikes are not engineered to last for long distances. Additionally, BMX bikes have lower tires and lower overall height and length.

Sure, you may love to ride your bike regardless of its specialization. Still, BMX is essentially not reliable for transportation as your back and legs will feel the utmost extent of fatigue afterward. Additionally, its compact and wide wheels will hinder your speed as much as its heavy rim and frame.

This issue has led to the curiosity of many people thinking about how BMX bikes could be utilized for long-distance. Hence, you will find out the answer to that question after reading this page.

How Far Can You Go on a BMX Bike?

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After learning that BMX bikes are not ideal for long-distance rides, the next thing that should be asked is the furthest they could go under several circumstances. Experts have claimed that a BMX bike could go 10 miles a day. 

The excellent speed and agility are a haven among BMX bikes, especially on the racing course or through the air. But in reality, the energy it will cost you to ride BMX for long distances would be the main issue as it requires great strength and stamina to last on the road.

And since BMX is such a demanding sports discipline, it is not recommended to ride this type of bike for outdoor exploration, especially for those that require longer endurance.

While performing tricks on the ramps, dirt jumps, and tracks can provide a good workout for BMX riders, using the bike on the pavement or streets may lead to body aches, especially for the back and butt parts.

Most BMX bike races are within a kilometer long, and most tracks are relatively shorter. BMX is suitable for fast and easy maneuvers or a short dash of speed, so it is recommended to take it lightly when riding the bike for an extended period.

BMX bikes are ideal for long bike rides for an hour or two only if you are on a BMX-suited track. BMX dirt jumps and ramps are a fun place for riders doing tricks and races, but your body might endure getting worn out if you’re performing tricks and long rides all day.

Benefits of BMX Bikes for Long-Distance Rides

BMX is preferable for quick, off-road schemes like tricks and short track races. However, in some circumstances, they can still be helpful for road riding and commuting, compromising comfortability.

For this reason, some riders still find BMX bikes useful for commutes, even though it is technically not the ideal kind for such activity.

Riding a BMX bike benefits your body and mind as it can provide great exercise during rides. It could help you lose weight, build muscle, enhance your posture, and improve your heart and brain health. 

1. Helpful for weight loss

Relative to the intensity of your riding and body weight, cycling with BMX can help you burn between 250 and 450 calories in 30 minutes. It helps increase your metabolism while building muscle, lessening your body fat percentage. The pivotal factor in achieving this is the level of intensity. The more intense your riding is, the more body fat will burn. Rightfully, cycling, in general, has been one of the ideal and manageable ways to start your weight loss journey.

2. Improves your muscle build

When riding a BMX bike, your hamstrings, calves, quads, and glutes take most of the work, which is crucial to strengthening and growing your lower body. Also, you’ll strengthen your abs and back muscles with such activity. Since riding a BMX would also put a lot of work on your arms due to the pulling and pushing of the handlebar when maneuvering, it is bound to build muscle mass on your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest.

3. It helps you to become more productive

It is always a great feeling riding a bike. With this particular emotion, the dopamine in your brain would also increase, which leads to achieving happiness. Being happy and positive will help you become productive at work, school, or even at home.

Problems with BMX Bikes for Long-Distance Rides

Suppose you are an avid BMX bike fan. In that case, you might have probably acknowledged its limitations, especially when bringing it for commuting or long rides.

While they’re excellent at short track races and performing various kinds of tricks and stunts. It’s safe to say that BMX bikes are not suitable for an extended riding period for the following reasons:

1. Low and seldom-used bike seats

A BMX bike’s design and structure are meant to be ridden while standing. Its low seat allows for a clearance which helps the rider perform acrobatic body movement and stunts, which demands lesser purpose for the seat.

2. Too small and uneasy about pedaling uphill

A BMX bike is difficult to pedal when going uphill due to its small build. For the most part, the bike takes up a massive load of your energy, and the absence of a gearing ratio hinders its capacity to go on a leisurely ride uphill.

3. It lacks robust and stable brakes

Most BMX bikes do not contain brakes, implying that you won’t have as much stopping capability and control your speed as you accelerate on the road. There’s no brake in BMX bikes because if you ever need to stop, you can do it by having your foot placed on the back of the wheel.

While some models may contain brakes, the quality you’ll get isn’t precisely as ideal as compared to the brake set of a regular bike. Additionally, since these bikes are relatively smaller and shorter, brake cables might get tangled as you perform some tricks.

What to Look for When Buying a BMX Bike for Long Rides?

As discussed prior, there’s still a possibility for BMX bikes to last in long-distance rides. However, it should only be an option when you don’t have the luxury of having plenty of choices. 

If you’re still interested in using a BMX bike for a more extended period on the road, here are some of the things you should consider when looking for a suitable BMX in technical terrains:

1. Seats

Seats should be one of the primary concerns if you want sustainable riding on the road with a BMX bike. When using the bike for an extended period, comfortability arises as a significant issue, which is first felt in the saddle.

Hence, you should consider looking for a bike with a higher seating position. It is ideal to opt for seats that reach your waist height. The higher position your seat is, the more likely the cushion could absorb impacts from the road bumps.

2. Tires

Typically, BMX bikes contain road tires. While it is a good option for rocky surfaces, it has a lesser grip on the ground. If you’re immersed in long-distance rides, you should opt for off-road tires as they would perform better on different road terrains.

3. Brakes

Lastly, a U-brake is a go-to option if you’re looking for a suitable brake on a BMX. Ideally attached on the back wheel, it would be an excellent mode for your braking system as you’re expected to go on dirt routes while riding on the road.

Is It Worth Buying a BMX Bike for Long-Distance Rides?

While it is not optimal to use a BMX bike on commuting for prolonged periods, it does not necessarily rule out the possibility of testing one.

Being an excellent option for street cycling and stunts, BMX bikes have superb tire patterns that are smoother. That being said, it enables an average BMX rider to ride with less friction through the tarmac of the street.

However, if you’re engaged with a sustainable and durable bike for the long haul, BMX bikes aren’t the best option for long commutes.

BMX bikes aren’t totally horrible on long routes. But looking at the bigger picture, the risks simply outweigh all the benefits. 

If you’re still keen on using BMX for regular long rides, you must remember that you’re not using a bike like any other. They aren’t built for safety or comfort, which is crucial in commuting.

Hence, it is advisable to use protective headwear and suitable reflectors, especially when traveling at night. Additionally, kneepads and elbow pads would be beneficial for precautionary measures.