Are Citizen Folding Bikes Any Good?

Yes, they can be very useful if you live in an apartment or small house where there isn’t much storage available. The Citizen folding bike is good on its own – as it manages to serve its purpose very well and beyond expectations. It’s a great entry-level folding bike for people who are looking to try it out for themselves to see if it’s a good fit for their lifestyle. Its affordability makes it easy to dispose of or re-sell as necessary – especially when you figure out that you need to upgrade or maybe you’d opt to get a motorcycle for yourself instead.

Nonetheless, the Citizen folding bike manages to temper expectations by providing a folding bike that is easy for anyone to get into. Upgrades would be deemed necessary after a good 3-6 months of biking, especially when you want to maximize its performance, weight, and overall rideability. While some upgrades that are needed by the bike mostly gravitate towards the rider’s safety and security (such as adding lights and speedometers), some other upgrades may prove efficient in terms of performance and rideability (change of stock forks, gears, and wheels for better overall maneuverability).

Citizen folding bikes are being sold on Amazon at prices ranging between $100-$200 which is pretty cheap compared to other brands of folding bikes. The quality seems decent but it all depends on what kind of material you get. You should always buy from reputable sellers like Amazon so make sure you read reviews before buying one.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a folding bike, I hope my review will convince you otherwise. If you still feel a bit unconvinced, try renting a vehicle first and see how convenient it really is. If you don’t mind driving every day, then go ahead and invest in a folding bike. Otherwise, stick to a conventional model until you feel ready to make the switch. For more information on Citizen folding bikes, keep reading below!

Some helpful tips after purchasing a Citizen Folding Bike:

1) Make sure your bike has quick release wheels. If not, you’ll need tools to take off the rear tire. This will allow you to easily put the bicycle together when needed.

2) Use velcro straps instead of screws to secure the frame parts together. Screws may loosen over time causing the frame to come apart. Velcro is more durable and won’t cause damage to the frame as long as you use proper care.

3) Be careful with how many times you open and close the bike. It might look like it folds well but after several uses, the hinges could start getting loose. Also, don’t leave the folded bike outside because rain/humidity can affect its durability.

4) Don’t forget to clean the chain regularly. Dirt buildup inside the drivetrain can lead to premature wear and tear.

5) Store the bike away from direct sunlight. Heat causes metal components to expand which leads to cracks and dents.

6) Avoid using plastic bags to carry the folded bike. Plastic bags aren’t meant to hold heavy objects and can crack under pressure.

7) Always keep the handlebars upright when storing the bike. Otherwise, the front wheel will roll forward making it harder to transport.

8 ) When transporting the bike, try to avoid putting too much weight on top of the seat tube. Doing so will force the seat post down and bend it outwards.

9) Try to find a place near your home or office where you can park the bike whenever it’s not in use. That way, you wouldn’t have to move it every single day.

10) Keep track of the number of times you fold and unfold the bike. Every few months, replace the hinge pins.

11) Take advantage of the fact that most cities offer free parking spaces during rush hours. Parking your bike next to a building entrance helps prevent theft.

12) Investing in a lockable basket would help protect your belongings from thieves. A lot of stores sell these baskets separately.

13) Consider investing in a backpack style bag to carry things such as keys, wallets etc.

14) Clean the bike thoroughly once in awhile. Dust particles tend to accumulate overtime and eventually clog the gears.

15) Most importantly, enjoy! Folded bikes are great fun to play around with. 

What are Citizen Folding Bikes?

Citizen makes affordable folding bicycles for people who want something compact yet sturdy enough to withstand daily usage. They’re made of high-quality materials and designed to last longer than traditional models. Their main selling point is their ability to fold up into a tiny package while still maintaining good balance and maneuverability.

Citizen is a brand name used by the company called “Citizen Bicycle Co., Ltd.”. CBL was founded in 2011 and started producing folding bicycles in 2013. In April 2017, the first model named “Fold” hit the market. Since then, the company has been expanding rapidly. Currently, they have about 30 different folding cycles including road, mountain, kids’ versions, electric bikes, cargo bikes, scooters, trikes, motorcycles, tricycles, skateboards, and even Segway vehicles.

Citizen bikes are designed to fold into a compact size that takes up less room than traditional bicycles. They’re also lightweight and easy to store. They are often used by commuters who want to travel short distances while saving space and energy. They are also ideal for urban cyclists who want to ride in crowded areas without having to worry about traffic.

Where are Citizen folding bikes made?

The majority of Citizen folding bicycles are manufactured in China. However, some models are now being produced in Taiwan. The reason why this happened is that the Chinese factories were unable to meet demand due to strict regulations imposed by Beijing regarding bicycle manufacturing. As a result, Taiwanese manufacturers stepped in to fill the gap.

How do you fold a Citizen folding bike?

1) Remove all parts except the frame and wheels.

2) Place the front wheel onto the rear axle. Make sure both sides face each other.

3) Next, put the handlebars at 90 degrees angle to the ground. This should be done before removing the pedals.

4) Now remove the saddle and take off the brake pads.

5) Finally, pull back the chain guard and fold the rest of the components underneath the frame.

6) You’re ready to go! To keep everything secure when folded, make sure there aren’t any loose items under the frame. If necessary, add more padding to the underside of the frame using duct tape.

7) Once finished, flip the entire thing over and attach the locking mechanism. It comes with two options: one uses an Allen key to engage the pin which holds the frame together; another option requires no tools whatsoever. Simply press the button located inside the frame and the whole assembly will snap shut.

What happens if I don’t follow instructions properly?

If you’ve followed the steps above but end up damaging the frame, please contact Citizen immediately. They will send you over replacement parts right away at your convenience.

Can I modify my own Citizen folding bike?

Yes, absolutely. Just remember to always consult the user manual prior to making modifications. For example, it is recommended to replace the original fork with a lighter version since heavy forks may cause damage to the frame.

The Advantages Of Owning A Citizen Folding Bike

A Citizen folding bike can save you time and money because you won’t need to buy or rent a car every day

  •  Instead of spending hours commuting on congested roads, you’ll only spend minutes pedalling through busy streets. 
  •  Unlike cars, owning a folding bike doesn’t require much maintenance either as long as you use them regularly.

The Citizen folding bikes are also known to be compact and easy to store. 

  • These bikes take up less space than other types of bicycles.
  •  This means that if your living situation doesn’t allow room for another type of bicycle in your house or garage, then this may be the perfect solution. 
  • Once folded down, most Citizen folding bikes will only need one hand to store them away. You don’t have to worry about having to lift them over your head when storing them either!

Also surprisingly, the construction of these Citizen folding bikes prove to be quite durable. 

  • Citizens tend to last longer than traditional bikes due to their lightweight construction.
  • If you’ve ever owned any kind of bicycle before, then you know how easy it is to damage something with all those heavy parts on top of each other. 
  • With Citizens, however, you won’t have to worry about damaging anything as everything is made from durable materials.

Another good thing to look forward to is the very affordable price point of a Citizen folding bike. 

  • Usually, most cities offer some sort of subsidy program where residents who qualify receive money back towards purchasing a bike. 
  • Sometimes, even just getting free shipping counts as qualifying. 
  • So, depending on what city you live in, you could end up paying nothing at all for your first Citizen folding bike.
  • Also, depending on where you live, parking space could become scarce. Some cities even impose fines on people who park their vehicles outside overnight.But folding bikes allow you to store them in your room, letting you be sasved from parking fees

Finally, having a folding bike means freedom.

  •  Unlike regular motorcycles, folding bikes give you complete control over how far you want to travel. 
  • With a motorcycle, you’re bound by traffic laws while with a folding bike, you decide for yourself whether or not to ride fast or slow.
  •  In fact, many riders choose to ride slowly simply because they enjoy the scenery along the way.

The Disadvantages Of Owning A Citizen Folding Bike

As mentioned earlier, buying a folding bike isn’t cheap.

  •  Even if the Citizen is marketed as an affordable folding bike, it still proves expensive compared to a regular bicycle especially when the specs are compared side by side. 
  • But if you do have the savings and you really need the space, then this proves to be quite the worthy investment

Another limitation of the Citizen folding bike is its range of use.

  •  While citizens do make great transportation options, they aren’t designed to go very far distances.
  •  Because of this, you’ll probably want to limit yourself to short trips within your neighborhood unless you plan to use your bike as a commuter vehicle. 
  • Also, given its build, you can only take it on perfectly asphalted roads, with bumps and cracks proving to be quite the hassle when it comes to riding around the city.

Understandably, it’s also not a bike for everyone to enjoy. 

  • Some people prefer riding in more upright positions while others like being able to lean forward and relax after long rides.
  •  Unfortunately, citizens usually require you to sit straight up during normal usage which makes many riders uncomfortable.

Overall, the citizen folding bike has its advantages but also comes with some disadvantages too. As always, though, it’s important to weigh both sides of the coin so you can decide whether or not it would work best for you. So if you plan to purchase a folding bike, consider getting something cheaper first such as a traditional non-foldable model. Then later, upgrade to a folding model if needed.

The Citizen Folding Bike Is Best For Whom?

For those looking for an affordable option, the Citizen folding bike is perfect for commuters who are short on funds yet still desire quality products. On top of being easy to fold and store, this particular model comes equipped with a comfortable seat and handlebars. This makes it ideal for both men and women alike.

However, if you prefer more powerful options, then the VTX series would be better suited for you. These bicycles come with high-end components including disc brakes and alloy wheels. You can expect to pay around $1,000-$2,500 for this kind of product.