Cantabrian Footsteps

I want to live in a huge but single-storey house that I can cycle round. Forget this walking lark. Walking is difficult and “uncomfortable”, as the medics call it. It’s been this way since before Christmas. The problems are either soft tissue (in which case I should exercise more) or dying bone (in which case a surgeon will go in with a hacksaw). We don’t know which it is.

So I’m walking more than cycling, trying to persuade my body to stop complaining. Using a crutch relieves the “discomfort”, but I can now walk half a mile without it, and I do this up to three times a day.

Anyhow, here’s a silent movie that says something about how I feel. It’s about walking and cycling. It’s a bit arty — but I’m an artist, so I’m allowed to be arty. Most of the feet and bikes you’ll see aren’t really there.

I’m breaking the #1 rule for artists: don’t try to explain. Visual art is for the stuff we can’t put into words.