Cycling resolutions for 2012

Rusty Ridgeback MX5

My rusty mountain bike. New parts are in stock awaiting a spring clean

Almost a year ago I wrote that a couple of my new year’s resolutions were to watch fewer soaps and get out on my bike more. I think I managed to get out on the bike quite a bit, but I really should resolve to look after my kit more. I have allowed the Ridgeback MX5, my work hack, to fall in to disrepair. Well, to let it get rusty. My other machines are all right and I’ve got new front and rear derailleurs, cassette and chain for the Ridgeback. I may fit them when the salt has washed away early in the spring. So, what else?

I’d like to do ten century rides in 2012. I’m hopeful that one or two will be one-day rides of the Way of the Roses, another go (maybe anti-clockwise) of the revised Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route, or both. Then there’s the 200km Audax in May and a standard ride in the months either side, but it will be tricky getting in so many big rides with family commitments (I managed seven centuries in 2011).

I’m hopeful one of the big rides will come with the 2012 Big G Sportive in July. I’ve never ridden a Sportive (actually, it’s twenty years since I did an Audax), but Francis has. He did the middle distance of the three available – 100km – and is up for the 160km next year, in part, I think, because he has yet to ride 100 miles in one day.

I missed out on even a bronze award in the local CTC’s medal scheme. Maybe I’ll chase a medal next year. Or maybe not.

Winter training bikes

Winter training bikes at an East Yorkshire cafe: full length pumps; downtube shifters; DIY mudguard flaps; racing capes and tool kits fastened under the saddles with old toe straps.
The best bikes are away until Spring