First Ride 2012

Fresh snow on the ground yesterday morning – at least two inches of the stuff. By this morning the pavement was bare; by noon the temperature was above zero.

Slow and easy getting started: bike down, find the clothes that were tucked away last November, inflate tyres, wax the chain. Water, don’t forget water. Take a photo on the north side of the house were it still looks nice and wintery.

First Ride 1

Slow and easy getting started: feel the wind on the face and put on a smile. Nod to others who are out for the first time in months, cautiously restarting their engines.

No ice on the roads but lots of melt water. It will carry lots of salt from the roads – remember to wash off the bike when I get home.

Too warm – shed some clothes. Stop for a photo-op. Still too warm – shed more clothes. Feel the breeze through my sweater.

Down to the river. The shadow of parliament is deep and long – too long: the paths are still icy and slick with water. Time to turn around.

Ponder supper on the way back. Consider picking up some groceries en route – heck, if Alan can do it, why can’t I? Mushrooms, thyme, rosemary and asparagus – it will all fit on my back rack.

Headwind – forgot what that felt like. It feels great! Who cares if it turns the ride into a slog? I’m all soft and slushy, just like the snow. Serious training needed, no question, but not today – today is like a stroll in the park, nice and easy.

Everything’s a mess by the time I get home. Who cares? It’s the earliest first ride ever. All hail Global Warming!