Gear Up Off-the-Wall 2-Bike Horizontal Bike Rack review

In the place I store my bikes I am tight for space. I bought a cheap hoist from LiDL (a false economy as it turned out I couldn’t use it in such a small place) and, via Amazon, a Gear Up Off-the-Wall 2-Bike Horizontal Bike Rack after doing some research on the most useful way to store two bikes side by side. This is a brief review.


A 2-bike horizontal bike rack. Two bikes are a tight squeeze.


Put your bikes side by side on the ground and offer up the wall rack before drawing a vertical line further up the wall.


Space, possibly too much space, for a helmet, panniers etc on the shelf.


Two bikes are a squeeze, but I put the bike on the outer hangers and use it as a makeshift bike stand instead.

The centre to centre measurement of the two sets of hangers is 5 inches, or slightly less than 13cm, too tight when one of my bikes has a pannier rack as the other bike’s handlebars are in the way. I think the shelf is unnecessarily large, at the expense of the space afforded between the hangers. Even when storing bikes without pannier racks I think it would be advisable to protect the bike nearest the wall bracket with some sort of padding.

So, I’m not sure whether the two-bike model was worth the extra money over the single bike version, but it does at least allow me to hang my road bike on the outer hangers and use the wall rack as a bike stand, albeit a fairly limited one.