How to Raise Handlebars on BMX Bike? [5 Easy Steps to Do It]

VThe height of your BMX handlebars has a significant effect on your comfort, control, and performance. It can make much difference when exhibiting various tricks. Hence, it is something that you should never leave unnoticed while adjusting your bike.

Whether you’ve outgrown your BMX bike or just needed to upgrade its test bikes handle, we can always set its measurements either in the optimum bar height or your preferred adjustments. In this post, we will go over some of the measures you should take while raising the height of your BMX handlebars.

Ways to Raise BMX Handlebars

While most riders experiment with their adjustments, such as seat height and tire pressure, very few alter their BMX handlebars as a critical part of maintaining and riding bikes.

Considering their thread models and head spacers, here are some ways to raise your BMX handlebars. 

BMX rider is jumping over ramp outdoors

1. Adjust the stem

The stem of the BMX connects the handlebars to the bike. First, you would need to check on the material, whether it is easy to adjust and if it matches the shape of the handlebar (usually riders checks on this before purchasing). To do this, you would need an adjustable wrench and an Alley key where its sizes should fit enough the stem.

2. Loosen the screw

Second, loosen the screws that connect the stem together. Place the bike’s wheels firmly on the ground, then loosen the bolts near the back of the stem using an Alley key. Note that the top cap, placed on top of the stem, can then be removed. You can adjust the stem from the steering tube and set it aside.

3. Angle your preferred handlebar height

Try pulling your handlebars upwards, depending on your preferred height. Make sure you wouldn’t strain to reach it. This gives you the flexibility to add or remove spacers as needed. Know how much you want to raise or lower the handlebars.

For riders who do racing and other stunt performances, it is recommended to lower the height of your BMX handlebars. It positions you at a bent angle for swifter and dynamic riding. On the other hand, the bar is set a little higher for usual riding so that you can keep your balance.

4. Reposition stem in the original state

Following the handlebar height adjustment, set the stem to its original place. Replace the spacers with the ones you prefer, then allow a 3-5mm gap to allow the headset top cap to clamp well. The bolts and top cap can now be inserted, and the bolts and top cap tightened.

5. Align and flip stem measurements

Once you have aligned the stem and the wheel, torque the stem clamp and test the adjustment. Make sure you got the right height and angle to the wheel by riding the bike—if the stem is still unsteady when you get on the road, tighten it up. 

If you don’t have enough spacers to achieve the optimum height, you can modify the height by flipping the stem. We recommend not entirely removing the nut and bolts when adjusting your BMX handlebars so you wouldn’t have difficulty reassembling them. This would help you get the measurements correctly.

How High Should BMX Handlebars Be?

Credits to: @jxk

The height of the BMX handlebars should depend on the type of riding activity you’ll perform. For instance, stunt and performance BMX riders generally prefer handlebars positioned lower than the seat height. The main reason behind this is to have their backs in a “bent” position, which is needed for air tricks and swifter riding.

On the other hand, BMX riding for normal joyriders would rather have handlebars positioned slightly higher than the seat height. This implies a more “upright” posture while riding. Nonetheless, it is not recommended to have handlebars higher than ten inches in height.

Final Thoughts

BMX bicycle handlebars that are appropriately adjusted would help you ride with comfort and efficiency, allowing riders to the road on mountains while achieving maximum performance.

Understanding how to modify BMX handlebars is one of the most critical bike components, as any frequent BMX rider knows. Furthermore, if you’ve been having problems with your wrists while riding, it’s time to adjust the height of your handlebars. Fortunately, we have provided you an easy process to execute it.