If it’s Sunday it must be Fridaythorpe

Today’s ride was a struggle. It’s been three weeks since my last ride and a week since the Bailey household succumbed to the nursery germs that James brought home with him. Still, I’m glad I got out, even if I did suffer the fate of slowly climbing out of the fog that enveloped Warter to find a group of sixty-something chaps waiting patiently at the junction that leads to Huggate.

The planned destination was Millington, but we went further and rode to Fridaythorpe and the motorbikers’ cafe there. Thirty five miles without a break for a cup of tea and some grub took its toll on me and I was glad of the rest, as well as the thought that it would be mainly downhill on the way back home. I had felt strong earlier in the day, and even welcomed the poor visibility as it meant I was able to switch on my new Hope Vision One LED unexpectedly early (impromptu review from a young chap in the park later that evening: “Your light’s too ****ing bright!”). So I’ve decided that two weeks really is the longest I dare go between rides without suffering the consequences. I should have at least one more ride in 2011, hopefully next week, and if so I will add it to my log for 2011. (I know I’ve missed one or two rides from the list, but it’s mostly complete.)

Mr Brodgen came along (with an even brighter front light – grrr), and for his benefit at least I include the route for today’s ride below: