Sky Ride Hull 2011

Just got back from the first Sky Ride Hull (not to be confused with one of those Big Skies Bike Rides) so a…

Simple Streets: Where Less Is More

Roundabouts, cycle lanes and shared space Highway design is increasingly sensitive to all users – not just motorists. Many planners are cutting…

Shimano mech limit screws: adjustment

Further to bicycle gear ratio analysis… Aide memoire diagrams for which derailleur limit screw does what on which mech on which of our bikes….

Season Finale

The weekend was the last ride of the season. By Saturday rain had washed away Wednesday’s snow and the pavement was dry….

Route planning in Google Earth

Further to a recent post titled creating a cycle route on Google Earth I’m now well into planning this May’s cycle tour of Denmark….

Round the world cycling record

Midnight on 31st March 2010 marks yet another attempt on the record for cycling round the world, or circumnavigation to use the fancy word…

A prototype bicycle by Geoff Apps

Gorgeous bike design A prototype bicycle built by Geoff Apps in 2006, prompted by the availability of the Shimano Nexus Inter-8 hub…