Rideau Lakes 2012

Last weekend was the annual Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour ride from Ottawa to Kingston. We were almost at the registration area and had not seen a single cyclist. “Are you sure we have the right date?” It was the right day, alright – we were just a bit early getting started.

What a gorgeous morning. Shadows were slanting across the road, the sky was clear and the air was cool. You could not ask for a more perfect day for riding. It did not take long to work our way out of the city and onto country lanes.

Early Morning

Mary bought a new Brooks bag to fit under my saddle. It is perfect for holding the camera, trail food and the like, and she can access it while riding. I pedaled slowly while she extracted the camera, took some photos from different perspectives and returned the camera to the bag. The experiment was successful. We even got a shadow portrait (tip of the hat to Alan.