The Authors

We are cyclists who ride bicycles for pleasure and utility. We blog on a variety of cycling topics from day rides and cycle tours we’ve enjoyed, bicycle maintenance and repairs, cycling and the environment, and other related subjects that interest us and perhaps others cyclists too. We are located in the UK, the Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, and Canada.

In no particular order, we are:

Mary Watson

Mary lives on the Isle of Man, and is married with 2 teenager daughters. They live in a tiny cottage together with 5 cats, 3 of which are Manx cats. Albert is the ‘King of Cats’ (or thinks he is anyway).

She’s a member of the CTC, and of Audax UK. In November 2009 she was able to get a 100km Brevet Populaire perm ride verified by Audax UK there on the island. She is passionate about cycling. Mostly touring and Audax, and in May 09, she joined the Manx Mountain Bike Club – ladies section – and they go out each weekend on the local trails and off-road sections that exist on their beautiful island.

Other interests are baking for local fundraising charities and nothing much else, as all her spare time is spent outside either on a bike or discussing biking issues, or sorting out the next ride, or being online writing about cycling… Obsessive? Yep a bit!

Chris Bailey

Chris lives in East Yorkshire, England and has done much of his cycling in the past few years simply riding to and from work. Recent events have reignited his passion for cycle touring; dissatisfaction with the road performance of his Ridgeback MX5 caused him to drag out his rather rusty Coventry Eagle Touristique and upgrade it only slightly for touring again. Chris still has his 1980s Raleigh Road Ace , and a Kinesis Racelight T2 on which he completed a one-day coast-to-coast cycle ride in the summer of 2010.

Chris started to cycle in the Yorkshire Wolds with the CTC as a teenager, before moving on to the Moors, Dales and the Lake District. He lives with his wife, and Labrador cross, within comfortable cycling distance of his workplace. As well as being an on-and-off cycle tourist for over thirty years Chris is also interested in the problems facing cyclists on the daily commute and is an advocate of cycle-to-work schemes. His other interests include literacy, running, walking and Rugby League.

Hilary Searle

Hilary lives on the Isle of Wight with her long suffering partner, Dennis. At 50 she is semi retired but does some part time work for the RSPB on their Brading Marshes reserve. This makes for a pleasant cycle commute but most days she is out cycling purely for pleasure. Her pride and joy is her gleaming Roberts audax bike but she has also recently acquired an expedition tourer for daydreaming about rides on the Tibetan plateau, arctic Norway and other cold and inhospitable places! She has been cycling virtually all her life although there was a time when running took over as her main hobby. She is particularly proud of having cycled 104 miles on her own at the age of 14. As Dennis can’t be persuaded to cycle they have done short tours in France with him on a moped. This worked surprisingly well so at the end of May 2010 they attempted to travel by bike and moped from Santander to St Malo.

Hilary also enjoys camping, birdwatching and wildlife in general. She is also a dedicated armchair cyclist with a collection of cycling books that has now reached 170!

Patrick Taylor

Patrick lives in Lancashire, England, and cycles for pleasure and fitness almost daily, either on his Ridgeback Panorama or a Giant Escape Disc hybrid bike. He’s been cycling actively since the mid-1980s and enjoys cycle touring in northern Europe with Sandra. As well as cycling, Patrick enjoys photography, hill walking, and writing his thoughts on the web (his personal website).


From Canada.

Francis Brogden

Francis in his mid-forties and lives in South Cave, East Yorkshire with his wife and three children. As he realized that his movement around the football field was becoming increasingly slower he dipped into cycling with a Giant Rapid hybrid. A proper road bike followed in the shape of a Wilier La Triestana. Pleased to see less of a mass asleep on the settee on a weekend his wife gives him her full blessing to ride out with the CTC and Cottingham Road Club and compete in the occasional sportive.

Daniel Hutton

Dan is a cyclist and singer from Harrogate in England. During August and September of 2011 he cycled round Iceland to raise money for two charities, The Carers’ Resource in Harrogate and Ljósið (= Light), a drop-in centre for cancer sufferers in Reykjavik.

Dan’s personal website

Garry Lee

Retired hospital doctor from the Republic of Ireland. Cycling all his life but at a “serious” level since the age of 32. He’s done 60+ bike tours in his time.

CycleSeven also has a guest blogger or two. If you’re a regular cyclist and would like to author a cycling related article on this website, feel free to get in touch.

Other contributors

Nick Cutler, Alan Gibson, Mick Fairhurst, Tim Eagles.