Are Brompton Bikes Worth The Money?

Brompton bikes are well worth the money. The most compact folding bike on the market you can buy, with their excellent folding mechanism, sturdiness, handcrafted frames, and outstanding ride quality that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. However, despite being pricey for its size at around $1k-$2k+, it’s pretty clear that when you buy a Brompton bike for daily use with some extras like gears or lights attached to it that you’re definitely getting every single cent’s worth.

Bromptons are a great bike for those who want to travel light. They’re also very easy to maintain and repair, which is why they have become so popular in recent years. Despite being also known as an expensive bicycle, there are many people who love these bikes because they are stylish, comfortable and durable.

If you have enough cash to spare and want to experience owning a high-end bicycle, then there’s no better option than buying a Brompton. If however, you’re serious about getting into cycling but can’t afford an entry-level model, then consider purchasing one of the many other brands that provide similar benefits at much lower prices.

Who are Brompton Bikes?

Brompton at the Firth of Forth

The Brompton company was founded by John Kempthorne back in 1980s. He wanted to create an affordable folding bicycle that could be taken along anywhere without being too big or cumbersome. It took him more than 10 years before he finally succeeded in creating his dream product. And what did he name his creation after? Well… “brompton” means ‘short cut’ in British English. So basically, the Brompton bicycle represents all things shortcuts in life – convenience, speed, efficiency, quality, durability, affordability, and fun.

Where are Brompton Bikes Made?

Since 1975, Brompton bikes have been manufactured in London. The iconic Brompton bike was designed by Andrew Ritchie in 1975 and licensed to Euro-Tai of Taiwan, and a joint venture company named Neobike was formed to produce the bikes and disperse them in Asia.

They have always been manufactured in London. Brompton has always produced its own frames folding down to a small size that are extremely robust and capable.

How much are Brompton Bikes?

Hamburg, Germany – July 14, 2018: The Brompton black lacquer edition bike in Hamburg

Brompton bicycles start off at $1,000 and goes up depending on the size and quality of the unit you decide to purchase. So, if you plan to spend less than $5,000, then you might want to opt for cheaper units. Otherwise, you could end up paying upwards of $15,000 for a premium version. A brand-new Brompton costs around $1,200-$2,000 depending on how much customisation you choose. If you opt for one with a carbon fibre frame then expect to pay even higher prices. On average, a second hand Brompton will cost less than half of the original purchase price. 

Where can I buy a Brompton?

When searching online, you will see lots of places selling Brompton bicycles. Most of these sellers ship worldwide. They also sell used ones too. If you do not mind spending some extra money, then you should consider purchasing your Brompton from one of these retailers instead of going through Craigslist or other classified websites.

If you want to buy a Brompton bike, then here are some things that you should consider before buying one.

Things To Consider When Buying A Brompton Bike

Black and red folding bicycle in front of tree wall

How much do I need to spend on my Brompton bicycle?

The price of the Brompton is determined by how large your budget is. If you have an lots of budget, then it will be easy for you to find a good deal on the internet or in local shops. You can even check out second hand stores if you don’t mind spending more money.

Is my Brompton safe?

A Brompton bicycle has been designed to withstand heavy use and abuse. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will ever damage this type of bike. In fact, most models already come with safety measures built into them. For example, they usually include anti-theft devices.

Will my Brompton fit me well?

This question may seem silly at first glance but trust us; it matters a lot. Many people think that they can easily adjust their Brompton bicycle to suit them perfectly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible since each individual body shape differs greatly from another. That said, however, we recommend trying different sizes until you find one that fits you best.

Are Bromptons reliable?

As mentioned earlier, Brompton bicycles are made using high grade materials and components. As a result, they last longer than almost anything else available today. Also, they offer excellent reliability due to their sturdy frames and wheels.

Which Brompton model should I purchase?

There are several Brompton bicycles available in the market right now. However, there are only two main types: the Classic and the Touring. The difference between these two models lies mainly in their frame material. We suggest getting whichever one suits your personal preference.

How much does a Brompton weigh?

The weight of a Brompton depends on how big your frame size is. A standard sized Brompton weighs around 20kgs. This means that if you order a large frame size, then you will need to pay more money as this costs more. If you go with a smaller frame size, then you’ll get a cheaper price.

Is a Brompton suitable for beginners?

Absolutely yes. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never ridden a bike before or you just started cycling recently. With a Brompton, all you really need to do is sit down and push off from the ground. After that, you won’t even notice that you were using a manual transmission until you reach cruising speed.

Can I Ride Brompton On Public Transport?

Sure thing! Many public transport systems offer special discounts for cyclists. These discounts usually apply only during certain hours of the day. Check with your local transit authority about any available promotions.

Hamburg, Germany – July 14, 2018: The Brompton black lacquer edition bike in front of the Planetarium

The Advantages of Owning a Brompton Bike

1. It’s lightweight – The frame is made from aluminum alloy which means it weighs less than most other bicycles. This allows you to carry your Brompton around with ease as well as ride longer distances on flat surfaces.

2. You can fold up the handlebars when not using them – When folded down, the handlebar height is only about 30cm off the ground so this gives you more room to move around while still being able to see over the top bar.

3. Foldable seat post – If you don’t like sitting upright all day then folding the seat post will allow you to sit back at any angle that suits you best.

4. Lightweight wheels – These lightweight rims make it easy to go fast or slow depending on how much effort you put into pedalling.

5. Easy maintenance – Since they’re built tough, they won’t need replacing often. And since they have no moving parts, they’ll last forever.

6. Can be used by anyone – No matter what age you are, whether you’re 5 years old or 50, you can use one of these bikes.

7. Good for commuting – As long as you take care of your Brompton properly, it should serve you well for many miles every week.

8. Compact storage – With its small size, you can easily store your Brompton inside a cupboard or under a bed.

9. Affordable insurance cover – Insurance companies usually offer discounts for people who own their own bike rather than renting one. So even though you might pay slightly more upfront, you could save money in the end.

10. High quality components – All Bromptons come complete with high-quality proprietary gears and brakes. Plus, the frames are designed to withstand heavy loads such as carrying children or luggage.

11. Durability – Because they were originally designed for touring purposes, Bromptons tend to stand up better against wear and tear compared to normal road bikes.

12. Comfortable seats – Many Bromptons feature adjustable saddle heights making it easier to find a comfortable position.

13. Efficient power output – Thanks to the low centre of gravity design, Bromptons produce a lot of torque meaning they require little energy to pedal.

14. Unique style – There aren’t too many things out there quite like a Brompton Bicycle. They look great and feel good to ride.

15. Quality materials – Like other premium brands, Brompton uses strong yet light aluminum alloy tubing which makes sure that each bicycle lasts longer. All the parts are also proprietary, with the company making sure each part is bespoke and tailor-fit to all the bikes they sell.

16. Reliable – It’s rare for a manufacturer to release a product that has been tested thoroughly enough to ensure that everything works perfectly from start to finish. But Brompton does exactly that because they know that if something goes wrong, they’d lose customers faster than anything else.

Hamburg, Germany – July 14, 2018: The Brompton black lacquer edition bike in Hamburg

The Disadvantages of Owning A Brompton Bike

1. Not suitable for all types of terrain – The Brompton isn’t made for off road use as the frame doesn’t offer sufficient protection against crashes. However, this shouldn’t discourage people from trying out their first Brompton since most cyclists would only ride on flat surfaces anyway.

2. No suspension fork – Since the frame doesn’t provide adequate shock absorption, riders may experience discomfort after several miles of riding.

3. Expensive – Although not expensive compared to some high end sports cars, the price tag still adds up fast especially with the fact that a new Brompton might cost around £2000.

4. Doesn’t come with pedals – Unlike other manufacturers such as Trek, Shimano etc., Brompton didn’t bother providing pedal kits so you’ll need to purchase these separately.

5. Short warranty period – There’s no extended warranty provided by the company. Hence, buyers must take care of issues themselves within 12 months of purchasing.

6. Heavy – Despite being designed to carry two passengers, the weight of the bike could prove uncomfortable for beginners.

7. Only compatible with standard sized wheels – For those who prefer wider rims, it’s a shame that the bike doesn’t allow you from replacing the current set of wheels with larger ones.

8. Poor quality control – Many users complain about faulty components even though they were purchased in good condition. This makes us wonder if the manufacturer really cares about customers’ satisfaction.

9. Proprietary parts – Some owners claim that certain parts of the bicycle require proprietary replacement which is quite costly. Since the company themselves make specific parts compatible only to the bikes they sale (much like how Apple does with their devices), parts can get expensive since they’re bespoke and not for universal use.

London, UK – A cyclist, taxi, pedestrians and other traffic on a busy shopping street in central London.

Brompton Bikes Are Best For Whom?

Honestly, Brompton Bikes are best for people with a budget that are looking to get a bike. While the brand proves to be flexible in terms of compatibility from all sizes and ages, the only limiting factor it has seems to be its very steep price point. 

While admittedly the brand manages to put up with the expensive bike by providing quality parts, builds, and accessories, it proves to be not the friendliest choice for beginners or people starting to gain interest in biking as a new hobby or form of recreation.