Are Folding Bikes Dangerous? And 10 Tips to Stay Safe While Biking.

There’s no denying how beneficial a bike is in our society. From the day it was invented up to the present day, it remained one of the public transportation for everyone. A bike offers several benefits for an individual to be healthy and to stay fit. In addition, it is fuel-efficient and provides lots of fun along the way.

As the years passed, many brands and types of bikes were introduced in the modern world. Another notable bike other than a regular bike is foldable. From the word itself, it is a bike that folds to provide efficiency on space and comfort in carrying wherever an individual wants to go. 

Thus, many people wonder if folding bikes are dangerous since it’s gaining attention and popularity and will probably not go out of style for the successive years.

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A folding bike is safe and not dangerous to ride, similar to how secure it is to ride a standard bike and motorbikes. Before it was introduced, a lot of manufacturers ensured the safety of everyone planning to use it. Just like manufacturers tested mountain Bike and Road bikes before putting a price tag on them, a foldable bike was vigorously tested for the public as well.

Maybe the concern is the durability; however, we will discuss the things you must consider before getting yourself a foldable bike. 

If you are not still convinced to get yourself this type of bike. Imagine an individual worker using a bike as a mode of transportation to avoid traffic. However, the sunny weather vanishes and is suddenly replaced with rain. The worker uses a regular bike, meaning he has to carry it to work and be drenched in the rain. If he is using a foldable bike, he can fold the bike and ride a bus to work and save himself from the rain. 

Do Folding Bikes Break in Half?

This type of bike does not break in half suddenly because the hinges will develop a crack or fracture first. Nevertheless, the concern is on these cracks to cause the bike to fully break on any of its frames.

Foldable or Standard bikes tend for their frames to break, especially if the guidelines were not followed. For a foldable bike to a particular brand, they have a guideline for a suggested weight, type of environment to use a foldable bike, and directions to properly take care of the bike.

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Should I Continue Using a Foldable Bike With Crack?

That depends on the rider’s personal choice. However, you can consider the type of material of the folding bike. For instance, a rider will tolerate steel more than aluminum because it will show clues when checked before riding if it is to break apart.

In addition, you can consider going to the nearest bike shop to secure safety. Because you might not know that instead of this crack, the bike has total damage, and by going to the shop, they can identify the cause of the fracture or crack. 

  • One of the reasons for bike cracks are:
  • Tightening of frame levers
  • Rust
  • Overriding
  • Manufacturer Defect
  • Bike not locked
  • Stress on bike 
  • The foldable Bike was not Fit for The rider.

10 Tips to Stay Safe While Biking

Responsible riders need to have a few reminders to take on with them as they  hit the road. These tips will help you be safe preventing injuries and death while biking.

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  • Helmet

Never forget to bring with you your helmet as you take the road. Because when you are wearing a helmet, it reduces the risk of head injuries. On top of that, it gives you a chance to live because your head is protected. It may not provide you 100% assurance but always remember that most motorcycle riders and cyclists died because of head injuries. Thus, it is always best to 

wear it on the road.

  • Reflective Vest

The goal is to be seen; that is why a reflective vest is a must while riding your bike. It would help if you kept it with you at all times to be ready at night. The reflective vest will increase your safety because you are making an effort to be noticed by cars and trucks on the road.

  • Rearview Mirrors

Installing a rear view mirror on your bike will keep you from constantly looking over your shoulder to see if a car or bike is approaching behind you. By doing this, you can prevent a sudden swerving of a vehicle approaching. You must ensure that it is free to change lanes before you do it.

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  • Check the Weather Forecast

In general, it is safe for an individual to check the weather first before planning to go anywhere, especially those riding on bikes, because it will be hard to see the road while it is raining. It will be slippery, and the chance of getting sick will be high. If you plan for a rain or shine ride, you could buy a waterproof bag and put your dry-fit clothes in there.

  • Be Alert

Since you are riding on the road, you have to be alert. You can’t afford to be negligent of your surroundings because it will lead to an accident. Therefore, do not ride while wearing earphones, do not do things that will get your attention out of the road. 

  • Verbal & Hand Cues

The verbal and hand cues on riders are created because it is valuable communication among them. Learn these cues for a smoother and safe ride.

  • Have a Friend to Ride With You

Having a friend to ride with you to a specific destination is fun and exciting. Not only that, this friend can help you when accidents happen on the road. However, if you want to be alone, make sure to bring an ID and a phone for you to be contacted by your family. 

  • Use Bike Lanes

Some states have a bike lane on the road, and you should use these lanes to avoid more danger. By taking these lanes, you can be safer on your way.

  • Be observant on Intersections.

Be watchful when you are at an intersection, remember when you will stop, watch for riders behind and in front of you to be safe, and be sure to be alert for runners on the road before pedaling on a green light.

  • Consider Other Drivers.

It will be easier for you and other drivers if you are considerate to them. By minding their safety, it will be a great help in lessening road fights and accidents. Be patient with others, especially those drivers that are impatient and angry.

Trusted Brand for Folding Bikes

Some brands have proven that they are the best in creating Folding Bikes. It is wise to check out these brands first and see if it fits your liking.

1. Brompton

The most expensive yet quality-made folding bikes are from Brompton. If you have the budget, then why not? such a worthy expense on your end due to its amazing ability to fold and give rides that are smooth & well. 

The rides are stiffer on the road making you handle the spring rates well, especially if it is bumpy. The tires will conform to the surface of the road. Though these brands have smaller wheels since it is foldable, it will be an advantage in carrying your bike. The Brompton brand may cost you, but a lot of riders have sworn by this brand.

2. Tern

Another world-renowned brand and best in the field of creating foldable bikes is Tern Brand. They wanted people to have a greener and healthier lifestyle through cycling, and this brand made their bikes out of 10% recycled materials. They also ensured that no harmful chemicals and toxins were used in the production of their bikes.

Tern also makes excellent foldable bikes that fold quickly and unfolded excellently. Their bikes are durable and it also offers a smoother ride for riders. The bike is adjustable to any height and is easy to store and carry.

3. Dahon

This is a budget-friendly brand however the quality is still wonderful. It may not be as compact as Brompton but this brand will give you a smooth and wonderful ride. The Dahon foldable bike can quickly fold in 15 seconds. 

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The Dahon foldable bikes are affordable and will provide you comfort, convenience, and durability.

Safety Checks Before Riding 

Safety checks are a good practice to do before going anywhere with your folding bike. Here are some of the basic things you can do.

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  • Pre-ride Inspection

Pre-ride inspection is a must, especially on the folding bike. You have to take a ride test to check if there are no loose latches and to ensure if the hinge is locked properly. Check the hinges if it is locked and if it is connected properly. Tighten what needs to be tightened.

  • Air Inspection

Do check your tires to avoid flat tires along the way. Inspect if it is properly inflated and look for wear on tires caused by sharp objects on your tire.

  •  Brake Inspection

The brake must not be forgotten, for it is an important part of your safety. Check if the brakes are sharp and working properly. Do it front and back and see how smooth the bike stops.

  •  Frame Inspection

Be extra careful on your folding bike and regularly check if the frame is without fracture or crack. You should always know the condition of the frame so that necessary action must be taken.

  • Chain Inspection

Make sure that the chain is clean and properly lubricated to acquire the highest performance for your bike.

  • Weight Inspection

Foldable bikes have suggested weight for riders, now for the foldable bike to run excellently and the materials to properly function, you have to check yourself if you are still on the desired weight for the foldable bike.

How Often Should I Safety Check My Foldable Bike

You can safely check your bike thrice a week. Also regularly go to a bike shop to check your bike if you have the time. Don’t wait for tomorrow if you knew that your bike suffered a lot during the day, for example, you passed a bumpy and dirty road. In addition, check your bike when you are planning for longer rides that usually take hours.

These guidelines/safety checks must be taken seriously to avoid accidents and for your bike to last long.

Foldable Bikes are safe to ride if you do your part as a reliable owner. Also, this could be a new experience for you because foldable bikes are getting stronger demands. After all, it is space-efficient in the house, office, and trunk. Always wear your helmet and safety gear while riding. Furthermore, have a presence of mind and do not go too fast.